Poison Point
30% chance to poison when struck by a contact move.
Critical hits do 3x damage instead of 2x.
Prevents the use of Selfdestruct or Explosion. Prevents Aftermath from doing damage.
Type Tier
Water NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 130 162 -
76 85 117 128
103 115 147 161
103 115 147 161
58 65 97 106
94 105 137 150
  • Neverused


Out of the remaining bulky Water-types in the NU metagame, Seadra is the dark seahorse. It is almost universally ignored by competitive players due to its NFE status and somewhat lacking support movepool, which does not include moves such as Rapid Spin and Wish that give other bulky Water-types such as Wartortle and Alomomola their specific niches. However, underestimating Seadra can often be deadly, as it makes up for its lack of versatility in sheer physical bulk and exceptional offensive stats for a bulky Water-type. With Eviolite equipped and maximum EV investment in HP and Defense, even NU's most powerful physical attackers, Sawk and Swellow, can fail to 2HKO Seadra with their STAB attacks, whereas physically defensive Seismitoad and Wartortle are usually beaten by these attacks. Unlike its competitors, Seadra has the offensive capability to directly threaten the sweepers it walls; Base 95 Special Attack is more than enough to leave a dent. Some are even OHKOed if they are weak to these attacks, or have taken significant residual damage before Seadra comes in. Furthermore, the few supporting options Seadra has are relatively unique; Disable is a rarity amongst Water-types and is put to good use thanks to Seadra's above-average base 85 Speed. While it requires cleric support from teammates to truly shine, and while it lacks Special Defense and supporting capability, Seadra outclasses most of the more popular choices in terms of physical bulk and offensive power; making it a good choice for players who would prefer for their bulky Water-types to do something other than just sit there.

Name Item Nature


Eviolite Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Scald
~ Ice Beam
~ Disable / Toxic
~ Rest
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe

Seadra does not have a versatile enough support movepool for it to fill multiple roles on a team, but it fills the standard offensive tank archetype nicely. With the above EV spread, it has the equivalent of 314 HP / 475 Def / 187 SpD defensive stats, and thus has the same overall physical bulk as Alomomola, while packing only slightly lower special bulk. This means that Seadra can take physical attacks exceptionally well, with Seadra avoiding the 2HKO from many of the tier's common sweepers, and avoiding OHKOs even from boosted super effective STAB attacks. Any physical sweepers that lack a super effective move, and even some that don't, are going to have a very hard time taking out Seadra before they are either Disabled or killed by a Scald or Ice Beam. Swellow is usually KOed by a combination of Ice Beam + Toxic Orb recoil, whilst a -1 Sawk is 2HKOed by Scald 100% of the time. Likewise, many other offensive Pokemon, including those in the calculations below, are either hit super effectively by Ice Beam or hit decently hard by a STAB Scald, and with these attacks coming from Seadra's respectable 226 Special Attack stat, Seadra is able to take many of them out reliably with entry hazard support.

As for those that can normally KO Seadra, most notably Eelektross, access to Disable and the ability to outspeed many of its targets can prevent the most potent of threats from laying a finger on it. Once an opponent, such as Coil Eelektross, is Disabled, Seadra can use Rest to completely restore the HP that the opponent worked so hard to deplete, whilst also removing any debilitating status effects such as Toxic poisoning. A physical attacker deprived of its best attacking option will most likely not even be able to 3HKO Seadra, meaning that Rest can actually be used without Sleep Talk with little disadvantage, so long as it outspeeds its target or manages to force a switch. If you do not fancy using Disable and would prefer being able to annoy the bulky Water-types and other walls that can switch into you, Toxic is a reliable choice as always, especially as the few Poison- and Steel-types in the tier mostly have bad matchups against Seadra.

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Other Options

If you don't care about burning opponents, which is understandable considering Seadra's already phenomenal Defense stat, then feel free to use a more powerful STAB attack, such as Surf or Hydro Pump; the extra power allows Seadra to kill more sweepers and reduces its dependency on entry hazard support to secure kills. In a similar vein, Seadra can divert EVs from its Defense to its Special Attack to increase the power of its moves, but without maximum defensive investment, Sawk and Braviary stand much better chances of 2HKOing it, reducing its effectiveness as a physical wall. Icy Wind can be used over Ice Beam for its Speed lowering effect, which may allow you to use Disable more tactically in certain situations. However, Ice Beam is preferable as Seadra should be abusing its relative power as much as possible, and other teammates can use Thunder Wave to reduce the Speed of opponents more effectively. Whirlpool is a niche option that lets you trap unsuspecting opponents and Toxic-stall them to death, but similarly to Clear Smog and Substitute, Seadra does not appreciate giving up another of its moves to use it. Like its big brother Kingdra, Seadra can also use Dragon Dance, as it has similar offensive stats to Altaria and its Defense stat allows it to set up easily on many opponents. However, Seadra significantly lacks power as it can't use a Life Orb to boost its strength, its Waterfall is significantly weaker than Altaria's Outrage, and it has few good coverage options to run alongside its STAB. Furthermore, physical walls such as Regirock can take Seadra's Waterfalls all day despite them being super effective, letting it set up Curses and prepare a sweep of its own.

Checks and Counters

Whilst Seadra is excellent at filling its specific niche, taking physical attacks whilst hitting their users hard, and stopping sweepers with Disable, it falls short in most other areas due to its low Special Defense and poor overall offensive coverage. Defensive Pokemon, such as Misdreavus, can switch into Seadra's attacks with ease, and can threaten with Shadow Ball. Bulky Taunt users including defensive Glalie, and again, Misdreavus, can prevent Seadra from healing with Rest or stop it from interrupting their setup attempts with Disable. Gorebyss can also switch into it with impunity and sweep with Shell Smash if Seadra lacks Clear Smog. Overall, most opponents that are not physical attackers, that do not take super effective damage from Seadra's offensive moves, and are not stopped short by Disable or Toxic, can deal with Seadra effectively.