Boosts power of Bug-type moves by 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Speed doubles in sun.
Grants immunity to damage from weather effects.
Type Tier
Bug / Grass LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 231 294 -
127 142 205 225
158 176 239 262
104 116 179 196
140 156 219 240
108 120 183 201
  • Little Cup


Despite Sewaddle's cute, harmless appearance, it can actually pose a serious threat to unprepared teams. It has relatively low attacking stats and mediocre Speed, but its movepool is deep enough for it to pull off a sweep. It also has a decent ability in Chlorophyll, which helps remedy its poor Speed. Even so, it misses out on a lot of great moves that other Chlorophyll users do have, such as Growth, Sleep Powder, and Weather Ball. Its defenses are fairly high, but it doesn't have the typing or support movepool in order for it to take hits effectively. Sewaddle also has quite the long list of weaknesses. Being weak to Fire-, Rock-, and Ice-type attacks, Sewaddle won't be hanging around for long. Even so, Sewaddle should be considered for a teamslot on any Sunny Day team.

Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb Chlorophyll Timid / Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ SolarBeam / Energy Ball
~ Bug Buzz
~ Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice
196 SpA / 116 SpD / 180 Spe

This set gives Sewaddle its best chance at attempting a sweep. Although it lacks Growth, an absolutely amazing move for any Chlorophyll sweeper to have, it does gets Calm Mind, a noticeably weaker but still decent boosting move. Sewaddle's decent defenses allow it to absorb a hit and get off a Calm Mind, and with the given EV spread, Sewaddle will be sitting at 28 Speed while Sunny Day is up, which is enough to outpace the unboosted metagame, as well as most Choice Scarf users. SolarBeam is Sewaddle's strongest STAB attack and gets great coverage in tandem with Hidden Power Fire. However, Hidden Power Ice can be used to cover Dragon- and Flying-types. Bug Buzz is Sewaddle's most reliable STAB attack, netting an OHKO on Choice Scarf Snover on the switch, taking out a prime threat to any Sunny Day team. Timid is the best nature because it allows Sewaddle to beat most Choice Scarf users, as well as most other (since Sewaddle abuses sun itself and all) Chlorophyll abusers, although a Modest nature can be used if a lack of power is an issue. Life Orb is the preferred item because Sewaddle is going to need all the power it can get.

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Other Options

A bulky set might seem viable, but Sewaddle's support movepool is limited to only Toxic and Swagger. Sewaddle also has access to Endure and Flail, but it is vulnerable to priority attacks, which are common in Little Cup. Sewaddle also gets Baton Pass, but the only reliable boosts that it can get are from Calm Mind and Agility, and Sewaddle will be hard-pressed to find a good time to set up due to its weakness to Stealth Rock. Despite its higher Attack stat, Sewaddle doesn't get many physical attacks worth mentioning, so it can't run an effective physical set. Sewaddle also has Air Slash, but the move doesn't get great coverage along with the rest of its attacks. Sewaddle can use Swarm as an ability, using Agility, Substitute, and Bug Bite to take advantage of the boost that Swarm gives to hit harder, but it is still quite vulnerable to priority.

Checks and Counters

Anything that outspeeds Sewaddle and has a super effective attack is probably going to be at least a check to it. If Snover avoids Bug Buzz or Hidden Power Fire on the switch, it can OHKO with Blizzard if Sewaddle didn't get a Calm Mind boost first. Fire-type attacks absolutely destroy it, and even the lightest singe will probably be enough to knock Sewaddle out—especially if Sunny Day is up. Sewaddle's weakness to every entry hazard limits the amount of switch-ins it has, so Pokemon that can set them up are good. Any Flying-type attack will also KO Sewaddle with ease because of its 4x weakness. Sewaddle is also very vulnerable to priority attacks in Fake Out, ExtremeSpeed, and Sucker Punch. Finally, Munchlax and Lickitung take next to nothing from its attacks and can easily OHKO back with Fire Punch.