Wonder Guard
Only super effective attacks harm the wielder.
Wonder Guard
Only super effective attacks harm the wielder.
Type Tier
Bug / Ghost NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 1 1 -
194 216 279 306
113 126 189 207
86 96 159 174
86 96 159 174
104 116 179 196


Let it be said that Shedinja is unlike any other Pokemon in the game. Its unique ability, Wonder Guard, completely negates the damage from all moves that aren't super effective. This means that Shedinja has the ability to wall a great number of Pokemon, particularly a majority of Water-, Grass-, and Electric-types, as well as those Pokemon equipped with a Choice item. Unfortunately, the good news ends there. Shedinja has a grand total of 1 HP, meaning that any attack that can hit it will OHKO the undead bug. Shedinja's greatest fear, however, is passive damage. Entry hazards, sandstorm, hail, damaging status conditions, and Leech Seed will all bring a swift end to Shedinja. Its weakness to Pursuit is somewhat mitigated by Team Preview; the Shedinja user is able to determine whether the opponent has a Pokemon that commonly carries Pursuit, and can proceed to eliminate said Pokemon before bringing Shedinja in. Therefore, Shedinja must rely heavily on the support of its teammates in order to reach its maximum potential. It can't be fit onto just any team; on the contrary, Shedinja is a Pokemon that entire teams are built around.

Name Item Ability Nature

Swords Dance

Focus Sash / Lum Berry Wonder Guard Lonely
Moveset IVs
~ Swords Dance
~ Will-O-Wisp / Protect
~ Shadow Sneak / Sucker Punch
~ X-Scissor
0 Def
252 Atk / 252 Spe

This set is Shedinja's best method of securing itself a sweep. Despite having terrible stats across the board, Shedinja actually has a decent Attack stat, which can be further boosted by Swords Dance. The best way to use Shedinja is as a late-game sweeper. That's not to say that Shedinja is only useful towards the end of the match; it can easily be brought in on foes that can't touch it and proceed to burn the switch-in with Will-O-Wisp. The end result is that the opponent will often end up with half of their team burned, allowing Shedinja's teammates to more easily remove these Pokemon that are able to KO Shedinja, securing a late-game sweep with the husk from hell.

Swords Dance lets Shedinja boost its Attack stat to an impressive 612 in a single turn. Why stop there though? If played well, Shedinja can often net itself two or even three Swords Dance boosts. At that point, even Pokemon that resist Shedinja's moves will be hard pressed to stay alive. Will-O-Wisp lets Shedinja support its team and slowly sap the health of its counters. Another option in the second slot is Protect, which allows Shedinja to scout whether the opponent has an unorthodox move on a Pokemon that normally couldn't hit Shedinja, and make sure that said Pokemon is eliminated before Shedinja begins its sweep. To bypass its low Speed, Shedinja has access to two priority moves. Shadow Sneak is generally the most reliable, as it has high PP and will always hit the opponent, regardless of whether they decide to attack Shedinja or not. Sucker Punch possesses a higher Base Power, but fails completely if the opponent uses a move that doesn't deal damage. Finally, X-Scissor is Shedinja's most powerful STAB move, and can often KO the many Grass-types in the RU tier without the need to set up.

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Other Options

As far as attacking moves go, Shedinja can use Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace, Dig, Return, and Giga Impact. Shadow Claw is inferior to the listed chosen attacking moves, as Shadow Sneak has priority and X-Scissor already deals with bulky Psychic-types. Aerial Ace presents no notable coverage and is rather weak, whereas Dig may seem useful due to its ability to hit Steel-types, but requires two turns to use, by which time the opponent can switch in something resistant or immune to it. Return is reasonably powerful, but does nothing to help Shedinja's problem against with Steel-types. Giga Impact is a terrible move competitively, and is only listed here because it's Shedinja's most powerful attack. There are two more sets Shedinja can run: a Trick + Choice Band set and a dedicated Hone Claws Baton Passing set. The second is arguably more useful, allowing Shedinja to Baton Pass pass boosts to Pokemon with high power moves that have low accuracy, or to Hustle users such as Zweilous.

Checks and Counters

Fire-, Flying-, Rock-, Dark-, and Ghost-type moves will all OHKO Shedinja. Entry hazards will ignore Focus Sash and Wonder Guard, as do Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, and Leech Seed. The easiest way to eliminate Shedinja is with a Pursuit user such as Absol, but Team Preview can help prevent this by clever play on the part of the Shedinja user. Aggron and other Steel-types with high Defense take next to nothing from Shedinja's STAB moves and can outspeed and KO the little bugger, although they do have to watch out for Will-O-Wisp. Fire-types such as Moltres and Entei can switch into Shedinja with impunity, as they're immune to Will-O-Wisp, resist X-Scissor, and take very little damage from an unboosted Shadow Sneak.