Grants immunity to infatuation and Captivate.
Own Tempo
Prevents confusion.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Water / Psychic LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 25 28 -
11 13 16 17
11 13 16 17
9 10 13 14
9 10 13 14
7 8 11 12
  • Little Cup


It's not fast. It's not attractive. It's making a fashion statement with all that pink. And yet, Slowpoke holds a special place in the hearts of many players who are looking for the best physically defensive bulky Water-type in the business. Slowpoke's awesome HP is complemented by a more than usable base 65 Defense. Tack this onto good defensive typing and it seems like you've got a wall that can take a hit here and there. And that would be correct, had BW not bestowed the enviable Regenerator upon Slowpoke. Through the Dream World, Slowpoke now has access to one of the best defensive abilities in the game, allowing it to have a true point of distinction from every other bulky Water-type out there. Staryu and Chinchou may be made better, faster, and stronger, but they cannot sponge hits and then switch out, nor do they have an always useful Fighting-type resistance. Frillish is another big rival of Slowpoke, but it lacks the invaluable Regenerator, despite having the ability to spinblock amongst a few other boons. Nonetheless, Slowpoke stands out as one of the few Pokemon in the metagame capable of repeatedly absorbing strong attacks from the myriad of physical threats including Mienfoo, Murkrow, Drilbur, and Timburr. And because all of this is backed by a wide movepool and adequate offensive stats, don't think you'll be coming to LC to start selling SlowpokeTail anytime soon.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physically Defensive

Eviolite Regenerator Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Scald / Surf
~ Psychic
~ Slack Off
~ Toxic / Thunder Wave
196 HP / 156 Def / 36 SpA / 116 SpD

Due to a combination of fantastic stats and ideal moves, Slowpoke's presence in Little Cup allows it to serve as a self-supporting wall or invaluable team supporter. Scald, another of BW's gifts to bulky Water-types, allows Slowpoke to deal damage while inflicting a burn by happenstance just often enough. If one prefers to wear down defensive teams and not occasionally inflict a burn, however, then the slightly more powerful Surf can be used; Surf also has the added bonus of in-game utility. Psychic hits the wealth of Fighting-types within LC, excluding Scraggy, for massive damage. Croagunk is still a pest to look out for, however, as it may carry Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse. Fire Blast is an alternative in this slot, as it could catch Ferroseed by surprise and deals more damage to Shroomish than any of Slowpoke's other moves.

Slowpoke prefers to save its last two slots for defensive moves, and Slack Off is a prime candidate. Although Slowpoke already has recovery through Regenerator, Slack Off allows Slowpoke to stall out the opposition that cannot deal more than 50% damage to it. A prime example of this is Eviolite Murkrow; Jolly max Attack Brave Bird does 44% maximum to Slowpoke, meaning it has only a 0.4% chance to 2HKO Slowpoke after Stealth Rock damage. The other 99.6% of the time, Slowpoke is capable of reliably Slacking Off Murkrow's main STAB attack. Slack Off also synergizes nicely with Toxic, as it allows Slowpoke to stall out Fighting-types late-game. However, if Slowpoke is being used as a defensive pivot on an offensive team, Thunder Wave is most likely the more suitable move.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Trick Room Support

Eviolite Regenerator Relaxed
Moveset IVs
~ Trick Room
~ Surf
~ Psychic
~ Slack Off
0 Spe
116 HP / 236 Def / 36 SpA / 116 SpD

While Slowpoke is most often seen walling Fighting-types to oblivion, deep down, it desperately yearns to be used offensively. Unfortunately, its abysmal base 15 Speed prevents it from pulling off anything... except for a Trick Room set. Due to its incredible defensive prowess and Regenerator, Slowpoke can repeatedly set up Trick Room for itself and its slow, powerful teammates, such as Cubone. Surf is the best STAB option here, as it attains great neutral coverage whilst decimating Drilbur, a Pokemon Slowpoke can set Trick Room up on. Psychic is always useful due to both its power and chance for Special Defense drops, and will easily 2HKO Mienfoo (if Stealth Rock is set up, it will do this most of the time even if Mienfoo switches out once to regain some HP from Regenerator). Slack Off means Slowpoke can clean up late-game when no physical threats are strong enough to break through it. It also proves useful to stay healthy in the rare case that Slowpoke has to stay in and set Trick Room up twice.

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Other Options

Safeguard is a niche move, but if anyone could use it, it's Slowpoke. Slowpoke can opt for Psyshock over Psychic on any set, but LC generally has more physically defensive walls than specially defensive ones. Slowpoke is too slow to make any real use of Icy Wind, and although it could potentially use an Oran Berry + Recycle set, Bronzor does this better due to an immunity to Toxic. Slowpoke gets both Curse and Belly Drum, but it is best to leave the sweeping to its team members. Although Rest heals Slowpoke fully, Slack Off is better in nearly every situation. Shadow Ball deals more damage to Misdreavus than any of Slowpoke's other moves, but Slowpoke will not be lasting long against Misdreavus anyway. Slowpoke has a higher Attack than Special Attack, but its physical moves lack much utility at all. Aqua Tail would seem like a good alternative, but it is illegal with Regenerator. Zen Headbutt is weaker than Psychic, and lacks perfect accuracy. If Slowpoke is being used alongside Snover, Blizzard is an option, and can catch Murkrow expecting to spam Brave Bird by surprise.

Checks and Counters

Scraggy sets Dragon Dance up on Slowpoke all day, taking a pittance from any attack and using Shed Skin to avoid being crippled by status. Pawniard can do the same, but fears a burn from Scald and has to rely on Sucker Punch to take out Slowpoke, which is never a good idea. If Murkrow runs Dark Pulse or Life Orb with its Brave Bird, it can beat Slowpoke; in the latter case, however, it will be taking a lot of recoil damage from Brave Bird and Life Orb. Misdreavus is powerful and incredibly bulky, but lacks reliable recovery. Gastly can technically beat Slowpoke most of the time, but it can't switch into Psychic. Abra and Drifloon can both take Slowpoke out with their powerful Shadow Balls, although the latter is better off using Acrobatics and attaining a boost from Unburden. Without Fire Blast, Ferroseed can come in on Slowpoke and start setting up Spikes. Lileep only fears Toxic, but it can overcome this if it has a cleric alongside it and can inflict massive damage to Slowpoke with Energy Ball. Defensive Pokemon with an immunity to Toxic are incredibly annoying to Slowpoke, and Bronzor is a prime example of this. Slowpoke can't do much of anything to Bronzor, who will use Toxic to make its life miserable. Chinchou can take any of Slowpoke's attacks, and if it runs Rest, can eventually stall Slowpoke out. The story is much the same for Munchlax, but Munchlax also has access to Pursuit to deal massive damage to an unsuspecting Slowpoke. Toxic is one of the best ways to handle Slowpoke, as it limits the amount of time Slowpoke can safely wall opposing threats. Smaller, repeated hits aren't really the way to deal with Slowpoke, as it will simply use Regenerator to get rid of any minute damage, but big hits that will at least 2HKO, such as Murkrow's Dark Pulse or Croagunk's Shadow Ball, are the way to go.