Own Tempo
Prevents confusion.
Increases the Base Power of moves with 60 or less by 50%.
A random stat is lowered by 1 stage and another is boosted by 2 stages every turn.
Type Tier
Normal RU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 130 162 -
36 40 72 79
49 55 87 95
36 40 72 79
58 65 97 106
85 95 127 139


Say hello to the oddest Pokemon allowed in VGC 2012. With balanced base 20 offenses, poor 55 / 35 / 45 defenses, and a mediocre base 75 Speed stat, you might wonder why one would ever use it. The reason is simple: it can learn almost every move in the Pokemon universe, making it one of the best support Pokemon available. Smeargle can potentially use an incredible number of moves, such as Fake Out, Helping Hand, Tailwind, and Trick Room. However, the fact that it is KOed by a light breeze doesn't help while it's trying to support a team. Additionally, it has terrible offensive stats, leaving it complete Taunt bait. To top it all off, the best move Smeargle can get in VGC 2012, Dark Void, is banned. Nevertheless, Smeargle can be very annoying to your opponent if you play it correctly.

Name Item Ability Nature

Utility Lead

Focus Sash / Mental Herb Own Tempo / Moody Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Fake Out
~ Spore
~ Follow Me / Helping Hand
~ Taunt / Encore
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe

With Smeargle's massive movepool and somewhat acceptable Speed, it can pull off a lead set to great effect. Fake Out flinches your opponent, giving your teammate a chance to set up a Tailwind or Trick Room, or take out an opponent before it can threaten your team. In addition to letting it outpace Pokemon such as Tyranitar and Metagross, Smeargle's base 75 Speed also makes it the fastest user of Spore in the entire game, letting it take out Trick Room users. Follow Me draws attacks away from Smeargle's partner, giving it time to attack the opponent. Helping Hand can help Smeargle boost the power of its partner's attacks by 50%, which can be the difference between KOing the opponent or having it survive. The last slot depends on what Smeargle needs to accomplish. With Taunt, Smeargle can stop slower support Pokemon such as Cresselia and Musharna. However, they commonly run Mental Herb, which takes away the guarantee that Taunt stops them. Encore locks the opponent into moves such as Protect, making prediction easier.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Lv. 1 Trick Room

Focus Sash Own Tempo Brave
Moveset IVs
~ Trick Room
~ Spore
~ Endeavor
~ Feint / Destiny Bond
0 HP / 0 Def / 0 SpD / 0 Spe

This set is very useful in Ubers and OU, and can be successful in VGC 2012 as well. One thing that sets this variant of Smeargle apart from Lv. 1 Whimsicott is Spore, which must be used on this set. Unless double targeted or Taunted, Smeargle will always get Trick Room up, making it an excellent supporter for a Trick Room team. Endeavor brings the foe to low HP, making it easier to take out instantly or later on in the battle. Feint breaks Protect and is exceptionally useful in Trick Room, as most opponents will try to stall out Trick Room with Protect. However, Destiny Bond can be used to take out an opponent when Smeargle has done its job.

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Other Options

Smeargle can literally use all moves except for Chatter; the problem is trying to find moves it can utilize well while not being completely outclassed. Thunder Wave can be used to spread paralysis, but Pokemon such as Thundurus and Cresselia are better users of this move thanks to priority and higher defenses, respectively. Will-O-Wisp is another status move that Smeargle can use, but Sableye outclasses Smeargle in this due to Prankster. Super Fang cuts down bulky Pokemon such as Cresselia and Metagross, weakening them to let a teammate KO them later. Tailwind gives team support and lets Smeargle outspeed faster Pokemon such as Tornadus and Infernape. Detect and Protect can be used to gain an extra turn on the field, be it for stalling or scouting.

An Imprison set is somewhat viable, and can often catch your opponent off-guard. Moody + Entrainment is pretty cool, but it is a gimmicky strategy at best and relies on a bit of luck. Smeargle can also use Baton Pass with Moody, but as VGC 2012 battles are very short, it isn't really worth the moveslot. Transform can work with a bit of luck, but is otherwise extremely unreliable. Finally, Choice Scarf can be used either to let Smeargle Spore faster opponents before they can move, or with Trick or Switcheroo.

Checks and Counters

As Smeargle does nothing other than support its team, it isn't that hard to beat. Taunt is the easiest way around Smeargle, as it shuts down both common variants. However, be careful of Smeargle carrying Mental Herb. Pokemon that carry Lum Berry or Chesto Berry can also check Smeargle, as the Berry cures them of sleep and lets them KO the artist. One can also get rid of Smeargle the old-fashioned way: OHKO it with any move. However, remember that most Smeargle carry a Focus Sash, and can survive one hit to put your Pokemon to sleep.