Grants immunity to damage from weather effects.
Magic Guard
Prevents indirect damage.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Psychic LC
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 120 152 -
45 50 82 90
54 60 92 101
112 125 157 172
63 70 102 112
36 40 72 79


While most people will think that Solosis is just a gimmick that should never be used, it actually performs quite well in VGC 2012. Solosis is one of the few Pokemon that can be used as a FEAR Trick Room user, and it has a niche over others such as Whimsicott and Smeargle. Thanks to Solosis's unique ability, Magic Guard, weather such as hail and sand doesn't affect Solosis. On the contrary, it actually helps Solosis, as it KOes Pokemon that Solosis uses Endeavor on. Another factor that separates Solosis from other FEAR Pokemon is that it gains Imprison, so it can also be used to stop Trick Room from being reversed or stop Protect once Trick Room is up. However, Solosis isn't a perfect Pokemon. Due to its being Lv. 1, it isn't hard to beat, and after its job is done, it's dead weight. Also, because it's at Level 1, your opponent will know its function. However, Solosis is a cool blob; use it!

Name Item Ability

FEAR - VGC Edition

Focus Sash Magic Guard
~ Trick Room
~ Endeavor
~ Protect
~ Imprison

Even though this moveset looks plain to the naked eye, it does so much to help its team win. Trick Room and Endeavor are staples of this set, as Solosis's base 20 Speed gives it an advantage in Trick Room, and Endeavor severely weakens the opponent. Additionally, Solosis's base 20 Speed is lower than any other FEAR Pokemon, including Whimsicott and Smeargle. Protect ensures that Solosis will keep its Focus Sash intact, especially because opponents will double target it to prevent Trick Room from going up, meaning its partner can set up Trick Room instead. Imprison prevents Trick Room from being reversed once it's up and stops Protect, which makes Solosis usable in this metagame.

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Other Options

The moveset provided above showcases the most useful options Solosis can use. However, there are a few other options Solosis can use. Attract, Confuse Ray, and Swagger can be used to leave the opponent crippled; however, Attract won't affect Pokemon of the same gender, confusion won't always work, and Solosis has better things to do anyways. Charm can be used to make Solosis weaken other Pokemon, which can prove useful for Solosis's teammates. Explosion may seem like an odd option, but it can be used to ensure a safe switch in for Solosis's teammates and KO Pokemon that Solosis has hit with Endeavor. Reflect and Light Screen can be used to help boost the Defense or Special Defense, respectively, of Solosis's teammates, though Solosis can't afford to run both, as it suffers from four-moveslot syndrome. Rain Dance can be used to activate rain, activating rain-related abilities and boosting Water-type attacks while weakening Fire-type attacks, but Solosis tends to love sand and hail more, as both can KO its foes that aren't immune to said weathers. Finally, Trick can be used to take away the opponents item once Focus Sash is used up.

Checks and Counters

Because Solosis is at Lv. 1, it isn't hard to beat, so true counters are Pokemon that stop it from doing its job. Chandelure is its best counter, as it can use Imprison to stop Solosis from using three moves out of its movepool and it is immune to Endeavor. Ghost-type Pokemon in general beat Solosis due to their immunity to Endeavor. Ferrothorn is another good check, as it can break Solosis's Focus Sash after Solosis uses Endeavor and KO it with an attack. Taunt ruins Solosis, especially as Solosis has to use a Focus Sash, meaning it has no protection from Taunt. Pokemon with priority moves, such as Scizor, Conkeldurr, and Metagross can just use the moves to break Solosis before it can react. Pokemon with multi-hit moves, such as Cloyster, will plow right through Focus Sash.


Regenerator sucks; stick with Magic Guard.