Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Own Tempo
Prevents confusion.
Consumes pinch Berries at 50% HP or less.
Type Tier
Psychic LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 261 324 -
77 86 149 163
95 106 169 185
158 176 239 262
176 196 259 284
140 156 219 240
  • Little Cup


Spoink is an interesting Pokemon. While at first glance it may seem outclassed by Abra, with lower Special Attack and Speed, Spoink has much higher Special Defense and HP, allowing it to take a few hits, unlike its more powerful rival. Spoink still has a good Special Attack stat and decent Speed, along with a wide movepool. It can also support its team by setting up dual screens. Despite its slight inferiority to Abra, Spoink is a solid choice for a Little Cup team.

Name Item Ability Nature

Dual Screens

Light Clay / Eviolite Thick Fat Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Reflect
~ Light Screen
~ Psychic
~ Thunder Wave
196 HP / 76 Def / 36 SpD / 196 Spe

Thanks to its decent Speed and good special bulk, Spoink is a good dual screener that can often set up more than once, something Abra has trouble doing. Psychic is used alongside Reflect and Light Screen to allow Spoink to defend itself when needed, and does reasonable damage to most neutral targets. Thunder Wave is the best option for the fourth slot, as paralysis support can allow a slower teammate to set up and sweep. Light Clay is preferred for the extra turns it provides on the screens Spoink sets up, but Eviolite is an option to give Spoink some extra bulk. Some Pokemon don't need the extra turns to set up safely and sweep, meaning that Eviolite is often the better option.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Calm Mind

Eviolite Thick Fat Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Psychic
~ Shadow Ball
~ Hidden Power Fighting
36 HP / 200 SpA / 40 SpD / 200 Spe

Spoink is faster than Solosis and bulkier than Abra, meaning Spoink is best when played between the two extremes as a bulky but somewhat fast attacker. Calm Mind is Spoink's way to boost stats, making Psychic incredibly powerful. Shadow Ball hits Psychic-types and Duskull very hard, providing good coverage alongside Spoink's STAB move. In the last slot, Hidden Power Fighting is preferred for the ability to hit Dark- and Steel-types such as Scraggy and Ferroseed.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Thick Fat Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Psychic
~ Shadow Ball
~ Hidden Power Fighting
~ Trick
36 HP / 200 SpA / 40 SpD / 200 Spe

Spoink reaches 22 Speed when holding a Choice Scarf, making it an effective revenge killer. Psychic is Spoink's main way of dealing damage as an STAB move, though it is dangerous to use if the opponent has a Pursuit user waiting. Shadow Ball is used to hit Psychic-types and Duskull, and Hidden Power Fighting is there for Dark- and Steel-types. Trick is used in the last slot to possibly cripple a defensive switch-in such as Vullaby for the rest of the match, and can catch a set-up sweeper off guard in a pinch.

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Other Options

Spoink has an incredible array of moves that haven't been mentioned, making it quite unpredictable. Psyshock is an alternative STAB move to hit specially defensive threats such as Munchlax harder, but it's a bit weaker than Psychic and therefore inferior otherwise. Signal Beam is a good option to hit Dark- and Psychic-types at the same time. Charge Beam could be used but Spoink has Calm Mind to boost its Special Attack anyway. Shock Wave would be better for a plain Electric-type move, but really only hits Slowpoke and Vullaby, meaning it usually isn't worth it. Power Gem is yet another special attack it gets but its only advantage would be to hit Houndour and Vullaby at the same time. Don't even bother with Grass Knot, as most Pokemon in Little Cup are much too light for it to do enough damage.

Spoink has an incredible support movepool as well. Magic Coat is good on everything that learns it, and Spoink is no exception. Toxic is a decent option to hit bulky Pokemon and is probably Spoink's best option against Vullaby. Taunt can be good on the dual screening set to deal with slower Pokemon also running Taunt. Confuse Ray is unreliable but can really ruin an opponent with some luck. Spoink could set up Trick Room, but the move is better left to slower Pokemon such as Bronzor and Solosis. Mirror Coat could work with Spoink's high Special Defense, as it could take a special attack and land a surprise KO. Whirlwind could be used as a phazing move, but Spoink is too physically frail to use it well. Recycle and Oran Berry could work together as a gimmicky way to heal, but isn't the best option. Spoink learns Heal Bell, but there are much better users of the move to consider. Lastly, Amnesia could be used to make Spoink almost impenetrable from the special side but doesn't patch up its vulnerable Defense stat.

Checks and Counters

Pawniard can Pursuit Spoink for a KO and only fears a possible Hidden Power Fighting, making it a very solid check. Munchlax is very specially bulky and also runs Pursuit, meaning that it can work similarly to Pawniard. Vullaby can easily switch in and Whirlwind any boosting set and just wall any other set, but it needs to watch out for Trick. Wynaut could Encore any setup moves and revenge kill Spoink that use a Choice Scarf.