Lowers the foe's Attack one stage. Decreases wild encounter rate.
Sand Rush
Speed doubles in sandstorm.
Can hit Ghost-types with Fighting- and Normal-type moves.
Type Tier
Normal NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 160 192 -
108 120 152 167
99 110 142 156
58 65 97 106
99 110 142 156
90 100 132 145


Stoutland is the final evolution of the most recent addition to the weak, common Route 1 Normal-type Pokemon family. Even so, this mustachioed mutt is no runt; Stoutland is a purebred, competitively viable Pokemon with good defenses, excellent Attack, a decent movepool, and two amazing abilities. Stoutland's major flaws boil down to the fact that, firstly, it cannot do much of anything to Rock- and Steel-types outside of Dig, and secondly, it is weak to the common Fighting-type moves and will take massive damage from them even after Intimidate. These weaknesses can be patched up by its teammates, though, and Stoutland could add that little spark of personality your team needs without losing any competitive edge.

Name Item Ability Nature

Intimidate Support

Sitrus Berry / Chople Berry Intimidate Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Return
~ Crunch / Ice Fang
~ Thunder Wave / Helping Hand
~ Protect
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

A supporting Stoutland is perhaps the most useful variant, as it can easily fit onto many teams. Intimidate and Thunder Wave make for an annoying combination, crippling just about anything as most Ground-types are physically based. Return is Stoutland's main STAB, and can 2HKO or heavily damage sweepers such as Thundurus and Kingdra. Crunch is mainly for Ghost-types, but Ice Fang is a good alternative coverage move. The third slot is reserved for supporting moves. Thunder Wave cripples anything that isn't inside Trick Room, can nab some paralysis hax, and can pave the way for more dangerous Pokemon on your team. Helping Hand does as the name suggests, multiplying the recipient's power by 1.5, though you'll have to be on your toes about the opponent Protecting on the boosted move. Protect is fairly obvious as it guards Stoutland from dangerous moves and allows it to recover more HP from Leftovers.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Sand Rush

Life Orb Sand Rush Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Return
~ Wild Charge
~ Crunch / Ice Fang
~ Protect
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

The main draw of Sand Rush Stoutland is that it is the only Sand Rush user that can hit Water-types super effectively while maintaining an excellent Speed stat, outrunning even Choice Scarf Garchomp and Speed tying with Choice Scarf Terrakion. In fact, it can OHKO 4/0 Ludicolo with Return after sandstorm damage, as well as 2HKO 252/140+ Suicune with Wild Charge. Remember to Crunch opponents such as Jellicent and Slowking, as Wild Charge and Life Orb recoil will take its toll very quickly. Ice Fang is an option over Crunch or Protect, as it can provide extra coverage against Dragon- and Grass-types, and has almost unresisted coverage with Wild Charge. Protect is useful on this set as well, as it stalls out Trick Room and Tailwind, racks up sandstorm damage, and avoids moves such as Mach Punch and a teammate's Earthquake.

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Other Options

Remember the saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'? Well, that applies to Stoutland's rather shallow movepool. Reversal is slightly gimmicky, but it's Stoutland's only good Fighting-type move. The combination of Focus Sash and Reversal can let Stoutland take care of pesky Steel- and Rock-types, but if you're using a sandstorm team, you probably have a whole menagerie of Earthquake users. Bite can be used over Crunch if you feel a potential paraflinch combination is worth more than a clean 2HKO on Latios. Yawn is always an annoying move especially given the lack of Sleep Clause, though the one turn it takes to work hampers its usefulness. Snarl can make Stoutland even sturdier, and lowering opponents' Special Attack is useful considering the popularity of powerful Surfs, Heat Waves, and Blizzards.

Sand Rush Stoutland can utilize a Choice Band, but it doesn't gain any notable OHKOs. Normal Gem effectively provides the same boost as Choice Band, but benefits only Return, and gives Stoutland the ability to change moves afterward. Lum Berry protects Stoutland from status, which can be useful to avoid sleep or burn, the latter of which cripples the Sand Rush set. If you don't like any of the options listed, Last Resort can be used as a, well, last resort. However, Last Resort requires a set of only Protect and Last Resort to be effective, which leaves Stoutland vulnerable to just about anything that resists Normal-type moves. Due to Item Clause, you might be hard-pressed to spare a Sitrus or Chople Berry for Stoutland. Leftovers is a good replacement, especially as maximum HP Stoutland attains a stat of 192, which is divisible by 16.

Checks and Counters

As Stoutland is a Normal-type with no Fighting- nor Ground-type attacks, Rock-type Pokemon naturally pose problems to it. Terrakion will run circles around Stoutland if it can avoid Intimidate or if it switches into a Crunch for the Justified boost, as it can retaliate with its powerful Close Combat. Hitmontop can bypass Sand Rush and 2HKO Stoutland with Mach Punch or send Stoutland to the pound with Close Combat. Guts Conkeldurr doesn't mind an Attack drop, and can use a combination of Drain Punch and Mach Punch to finish off Stoutland. Lucario resists both Crunch and Return and defeats Stoutland with Close Combat and ExtremeSpeed, but it hates being paralyzed. Metagross and Heatran aren't bothered by Intimidate, usually don't care too much about paralysis, and can use powerful STAB moves such as Meteor Mash and Heat Wave to make short work of Stoutland.

Sand Rush Stoutland is dead weight against Trick Room most of the time, as it is forced to Protect stall Trick Room out and hope it isn't KOed before it can land a hit. Porygon2 is probably the best Trick Room user to use against Stoutland, though any Trick Room user will likely be able to set up against Stoutland with the proper support. Under Trick Room's effects, Rhyperior and Hariyama are two of the best answers to Stoutland, especially if Hariyama is a Guts variant.


Stoutland receives Scrappy from the Dream World. Intimidate and Sand Rush are vastly superior to Scrappy simply because Stoutland has Crunch to defeat Ghost-types anyway, and it is a fairly mediocre Pokemon without a boost to its defenses or Speed. Scrappy's one advantage is that it makes a Last Resort set more viable now that fewer Pokemon are immune to it.