Enemy attacks lose one extra PP. Increases wild encounter rate.
Water Absorb
Heals 25% HP when hit by a Water-type attack.
Type Tier
Water UU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 175 207 -
85 95 127 139
121 135 167 183
99 110 142 156
121 135 167 183
94 105 137 150


Though it faces stiff competition from all the Water-type Pokemon in VGC 2012, Suicune fills the role of a bulky team supporter well. Thanks to its great defenses, decent Speed and Special Attack, and pure Water typing with only two weaknesses, Suicune is rather difficult to KO. Combined with Suicune's wide arsenal of moves, which include Tailwind and Icy Wind, Suicune's value is easily apparent. However, like all Pokemon, Suicune has its flaws. Its average Special Attack makes it easy to wall, and the popularity of Pokemon such as Zapdos limit its success. Nevertheless, Suicune's great bulk and supportive capabilities make it a fine Pokemon to consider on any team.

Name Item Nature


Wacan Berry / Life Orb / Sitrus Berry Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Tailwind
~ Scald / Hydro Pump
~ Ice Beam
~ Protect / Calm Mind
116 HP / 252 SpA / 140 Spe

With above-average bulk and a great typing, Suicune can use a Tailwind set to great effect. After Tailwind is set up, Suicune has no problem outpacing faster Pokemon such as Terrakion and Infernape. The choice of Water-type STAB is down to personal preference: Scald gives Suicune a 100% accurate move with a decent burn rate, while a Life Orb-boosted Hydro Pump can OHKO Tyranitar in neutral weather, though its accuracy is shaky and its PP is low. Ice Beam lets Suicune hit Pokemon such as Garchomp, Dragonite, and Latios for super effective damage, and also dents Zapdos and Thundurus. Calm Mind is a nice option that allows Suicune to use its great bulk to its advantage, making it even harder to KO. Protect is also a viable option, shielding Suicune from damage.

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Name Item Nature

Calm Mind

Chesto Berry Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Scald / Hydro Pump
~ Icy Wind
~ Rest
252 HP / 140 Def / 116 Spe

Suicune's superb bulk and excellent defensive typing makes it one of the few viable Pokemon in VGC 2012 that can use a ChestoRest set. It is also one of the better Calm Mind users because of its good bulk, decent Speed and Special Attack stats, and great offensive STAB. This set aims to set up a few Calm Mind boosts, support the team by utilizing Icy Wind, and using Rest to recover any damage taken. The choice of Water-type STAB is, again, a personal preference. Scald grants consistent damage and a decent chance to burn the opponent, but Hydro Pump can rip through teams after Suicune gets enough Calm Mind boosts. Only a critical hit can bring Suicune down if it has the opportunity to set up.

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Name Item Nature


Leftovers / Wacan Berry Relaxed
Moveset EVs
~ Sheer Cold
~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Scald
252 HP / 196 Def / 60 SpD

At first glance, this looks like a gimmicky set; however, it is really effective when played correctly. The tremendous bulk of this set complements Suicune's excellent defensive typing, making it one of the few viable users of OHKO moves. With Rest and Sleep Talk, Suicune becomes incredibly hard to take down, as it has enough bulk to shrug off damage, in addition to plenty of chances to get lucky with Sheer Cold. Pokemon Suicune cannot normally deal with, such as Ludicolo, Ferrothorn, and Chansey, now have a 30% chance to be OHKOed. Scald rounds off the set, dealing consistent damage and possessing a good burn chance.

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Other Options

Suicune doesn't get many viable options that have not been listed. ExtremeSpeed can be useful for picking off weakened Pokemon, but this is very situational, and Suicune can't afford to waste a moveslot. With maximum HP investment, Mirror Coat can KO Pokemon such as Zapdos and Thundurus. However, it is very unreliable, as Suicune needs to be attacked on the special side for it to work. If you're running hail, Blizzard gives Suicune a powerful spread move that complements its Water typing, but with all the other weather changers in VGC 2012, it's best to use the more reliable Ice Beam. Quash is an interesting move, but Suicune's average Speed means that it isn't the best user of this strategy. Roar can phaze out Pokemon trying to boost or set up Trick Room, but the former are uncommon in doubles. Finally, Reflect is a great support move.

Checks and Counters

As Suicune is very versatile and bulky, one must be careful when trying to counter it. There are a few Pokemon that easily check it: bulky Grass-type Pokemon such as Abomasnow, Ludicolo, and Ferrothorn can take any attack Suicune can use, and hit it hard with their Grass STAB or use Leech Seed to pressure Suicune into switching out. As with most other Water Absorb and Storm Drain Pokemon, Gastrodon is immune to Scald, and has no problem sponging an Icy Wind. However, note that most of these Pokemon can't harm Suicune once it starts to set up Calm Mind boosts. Zapdos, Blissey and Chansey can take any attack Suicune can use and proceed to use Toxic, making Suicune easier to KO. However, the Crowncune and Calm Mind variants can both use Rest to remove Toxic, and then use Sheer Cold or set up, respectively. Pokemon such as Sableye can use priority Taunt, preventing Suicune from using Calm Mind or any of its supporting moves.

Offensively, Thundurus, and other Electric-type Pokemon all threaten to 2HKO Suicune. Ninetales is a thorn in Suicune's side, as Drought activates Chlorophyll, enabling Pokemon such as Venusaur and Sawsbuck to outpace and can 2HKO Suicune; sunlight also weakens Suicune's Water STAB. Choice Scarf Pokemon, such as Rotom-W and Metagross, can use Trick to give Suicune a Choice Scarf, which renders it almost useless for the remainder of the battle.


Suicune has a lot to look forward to in its Dream World ability, Water Absorb, as well as the unreleased Snarl. Snarl is a great move, as it lowers both opponents' Special Attack, making the already bulky Suicune remarkably difficult to take down. Water Absorb gives Suicune an immunity to Water-type moves, and restores 25% of its HP each time it's hit by one, making Calm Mind variants even harder to take down. Unfortunately, Water Absorb variants will not have access to fourth generation Move Tutor and TM moves, most notably Icy Wind and Sheer Cold.