Speed doubles in sun.
Solar Power
HP decreases in the sun. Special Attack increases by 50%.
Early Bird
Reduces sleep time.
Type Tier
Grass NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 291 354 -
167 186 249 273
131 146 209 229
221 246 309 339
185 206 269 295
86 96 159 174
  • Neverused


Based solely on appearances, Sunflora is not the most threatening Pokemon around. That harmless guise is just a ploy, however. If every rose has its thorns, this sunflower comes packing a full-on machete. Base 105 Special Attack might seem only above average, but with a boost from Solar Power in the sun, it can be deadly. Sunflora's decent-at-best bulk and terrible Speed aren't winning it any awards, however. Though Sunflora can use Chlorophyll to make up for its lacking speed, its Special Attack ceases to be as impressive as it is with Solar Power and it becomes sorely outclassed by the likes of Exeggutor. It might be slow and frail, but this flower packs one hell of a punch. It's also super cute!

Name Item Ability Nature

Sunny Day

Heat Rock Solar Power / Chlorophyll Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Sunny Day
~ SolarBeam
~ Hidden Power Rock / Hidden Power Fire
~ Morning Sun / Earth Power
20 HP / 252 SpA / 236 Spe

Sunny Day is the first move Sunflora should be using, unless sun is already up; otherwise, it fails to be effective at anything. SolarBeam is Sunflora's main weapon, as its high Base Power, STAB, and lack of a charge turn in sun is a huge draw. Hidden Power Rock offers good coverage, though Hidden Power Fire is also a solid choice, and it gets a boost from sun to boot. Morning Sun is the best option for the last slot, as Sunflora's health is slowly depleted each turn by Solar Power and Morning Sun heals an impressive 66% in sun. Earth Power is an option for greater coverage, however, and becomes a pseudo-QuakeEdge combination alongside Hidden Power Rock.

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Other Options

Sunflora has access to Encore, which can be useful in helping a teammate set up. It can also set up on its own with Growth, which boosts its Attack and Special Attack by two stages under sun, but Sunflora's frailty limits its opportunities to set up. Substitute can be used to ease prediction and protect against status, but the loss of HP from Solar Power means that Sunflora's lifespan will be cut even shorter. Finally, Sunflora can function as a suicide sun lead, setting up Sunny Day while clinging to life with a Focus Sash. With a Speed boost from Chlorophyll, it can then abuse a quick Endeavor to severely weaken its opponent.

Checks and Counters

Being both slow and frail, Sunflora is not exactly a tough foe to defeat. Fast sweepers, such as Rotom-S, can outspeed even Chlorophyll Sunflora in sun and easily OHKO it. Choice Scarf users in general will outspeed and have little trouble revenge killing the frail Sunflora. If Sunflora doesn't run Hidden Power Rock, Braviary becomes a huge threat as well. Anything that can tank a SolarBeam, such as Roselia, can also easily beat Sunflora.