Grants immunity to infatuation and Captivate.
Snow Cloak
Evasion increases 25% in hail.
Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Type Tier
Ice / Ground LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
9 11 14 15
9 10 13 14
8 9 12 13
8 9 12 13
9 11 14 15
  • Little Cup


The Mamoswine evolution line has always been pretty cool, and Swinub is no exception to this. Swinub has a very unique Ground / Ice typing, giving it great offensive STAB, but a few undesirable weaknesses. With an exceptional movepool that boasts fantastic moves such as Earthquake and Icicle Crash, Swinub is easily capable of causing some good damage to the opponent's team. An acceptable Attack stat works well in conjunction with Swinub's movepool, meaning it has respectable sweeping capabilities, as well as the ability to revenge kill weakened Pokemon with STAB priority in the form of Ice Shard.

Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Sweeper

Life Orb Snow Cloak Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Earthquake
~ Superpower / Icicle Spear
~ Ice Shard
~ Stealth Rock
116 HP / 196 Atk / 196 Spe

This set makes the best use of what Swinub has to offer. Earthquake gets STAB, and Swinub can spam it thanks to its great coverage and high base power. Superpower is amazing coverage to hit Ferrothorn and is a good option over Icicle Spear now that it became legal. Icicle Spear is still a good powerful STAB to be using when facing Subs or just getting more power on attacks than with Ice Shard. Icicle Shard is great for picking off sweepers and any faster Pokemon that survives one of Swinub's first moves. Stealth Rock is on the set as Swinub can set it up easily, since Swinub causes many switches. Using Life Orb ties up the set by boosting Swinub's offensive prowess to sky high levels.

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Other Options

Swinub has access to a variety of special attacks such as Ice Beam and Earth Power, but these do not work well due to its awful Special Attack stat. Icy Wind is gimmicky and can be used to catch a Swinub counter on the switch in, rendering it slower than Swinub and at risk of being KOed on the next turn. Various support moves such as Reflect, Light Screen, Roar, and Toxic are also available to Swinub, though Swinub's poor defenses and defensive typing will make it hard to see effective use of them. A Choice Band or Choice Scarf can be used over Life Orb on the physical sweeper set.

Checks and Counters

Bronzor walls anything at Swinub's disposal. Fast Water-types can switch into Swinub and threaten it out with STAB Water-type moves, but it needs to be wary of switching directly into an Earthquake as it can take a lot of damage. Slowpoke can come into any move and Slack Off the damage while being able to threaten Swinub with Scald or Surf. Timburr and Mienfoo can both switch in, outspeed, and OHKO with Fighting-type STAB attacks. Wooper can take hits and Toxic stall Swinub away, as can Frillish.