Speed doubles in sun.
Leaf Guard
Prevents status effects in sun.
Wielder heals 1/3 of its maximum HP on switching out.
Type Tier
Grass RU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 175 207 -
108 120 152 167
130 145 177 194
117 130 162 178
63 70 102 112
63 70 102 112


There is a plethora of Chlorophyll Pokemon, but Tangrowth sets itself apart from the rest of them for a number of reasons. It has incredible physical bulk, excellent offenses, and access to the crippling Sleep Powder. Its Speed, while low, is high enough for it to just outspeed a good portion of the VGC metagame in sunlight. Tangrowth can't take special attacks at all, though, and can have coverage issues. Nonetheless, it is still one of the better offensive Chlorophyll Pokemon in VGC.

Name Item Ability Nature

Sun Support

Sitrus Berry / Yache Berry Chlorophyll Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Sleep Powder
~ Grass Knot / Giga Drain / SolarBeam
~ Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Rock
~ Sunny Day / Protect / Growth
88 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 160 Spe

Tangrowth's physical bulk allows it to tangle (get it?) with Garchomp, one of the biggest threats to sun teams. Sleep Powder is an incredible move due to the lack of Sleep Clause in VGC, and Tangrowth is just fast enough in the sun to abuse it. Grass Knot is the primary STAB as it hits Pokemon such as Tyranitar for a good chunk of damage, but Giga Drain and SolarBeam are also options worth considering. The former can be much weaker than Grass Knot but provides recovery, while the latter is very powerful but risky against opposing weather teams. Hidden Power Ice OHKOes any non-Yache Berry Garchomp, but Hidden Power Rock is also an option for nailing Chandelure and Flying-types. Due to Tangrowth's physical bulk, it fears little from Tyranitar and can use Sunny Day against it to gain an advantage in the weather war. Protect is a staple move in VGC and shouldn't require much explanation to justify its viability. If Tangrowth finds a free turn it can use Growth to set up, but stat-boosting moves are usually not worth the turn of vulnerability required to use them. Tangrowth does have the option to use this, though, if it can put both opponents to sleep.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Physical Attacker

Life Orb / Sitrus Berry Chlorophyll Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Power Whip / Seed Bomb
~ Rock Slide
~ Sleep Powder
~ Protect / Earthquake
92 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 160 Spe

Tangrowth is one of the most powerful physical attacking Chlorophyll Pokemon, and just so happens to pose a threat to Tyranitar and Politoed, because it can hit them off their weaker Defense stats. Power Whip is ridiculously powerful, but Seed Bomb is also an option as Power Whip can miss at critical times. Rock Slide provides coverage most notably against Abomasnow, the genies, Chandelure, and other Flying- and Fire-types that resist Tangrowth's Grass-type STAB move. Sleep Powder incapacitates any Pokemon that could prove to be troublesome, and Tangrowth has the bulk to put multiple Pokemon to sleep. Earthquake is an option for enabling Tangrowth to threaten Steel-types such as Metagross, but it comes at the cost of putting Tangrowth's Fire-type teammates at risk, and as such Protect is usually the more reliable option.

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Other Options

220 Speed EVs can be run to outspeed Weavile in sun, but some bulk must be sacrificed in order to do so. That being said, Weavile generally doesn't give sun teams much trouble. Tangrowth can opt to run a physically bulky set abusing Substitute and Leech Seed to stall out physically oriented teams. Rage Powder is useful for drawing the opponent's attacks away from Tangrowth's teammate for a turn, especially if the moves in question come from physical attackers. Synthesis restores a large amount of health in sunlight, making Tangrowth more difficult to kill. Knock Off can rob an opponent of their item, disrupting Pokemon relying on a resist Berry, such as an Occa or a Rindo Berry. Leaf Storm is Tangrowth's most powerful move, but the Special Attack cut can be crippling. Stun Spore can slow down opponents, but Sleep Powder is preferable in most cases. Finally, Snatch can steal the effects of valuable moves such as Tailwind, turning the tables on the opponent.

Checks and Counters

Tangrowth has the Special Defense of a wet paper bag, so any fairly powerful special attacker threatens it. Abomasnow is Tangrowth's worst nightmare, robbing it of sunlight and threatening it with Blizzard. Politoed can also threaten Tangrowth with Ice Beam, and sets up its teammates, such as Kingdra, to pose a serious threat to Tangrowth's team. In general, Tangrowth hates losing its sunlight. Special attackers and weather changers aren't the only way to deal with it, though. Without heavy Speed investment, Weavile can outspeed even in sunlight and smash Tangrowth with Ice Punch. Steel-types can usually take everything Tangrowth has to offer and and wall it, while Sap Sipper Bouffalant fears nothing from Tangrowth, not even Sleep Powder. However, all of these threats sans Bouffalant must be wary of Sleep Powder if they are not carrying a Lum or Chesto Berry, or are not in a position to outspeed and KO Tangrowth.