Solid Rock
Reduces damage from super effective hits by 25%.
If the wielder is at full HP, it will survive any attack. OHKO moves will fail.
Swift Swim
Speed doubles in rain.
Type Tier
Water / Rock LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 25 -
12 14 17 18
14 16 20 22
9 11 15 16
9 11 14 15
7 8 11 12
  • Little Cup


Tirtouga, being the cutest and arguably the most powerful Shell Smash user in Little Cup, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. While you're distracted by its cuteness, Tirtouga will either be sweeping your team with its Shell Smash set or walling your Murkrow with its support set. Thanks to its unique and cute combination of Shell Smash, Sturdy, and good bulk, Tirtouga can find a lot of sweeping opportunities. In addition, the same good bulk combined with Solid Rock and Eviolite allows Tirtouga to be a formidable defensive pivot as well. Unfortunately, Tirtouga is countered by two very common Pokemon in the metagame, Croagunk and Ferroseed. Both of the aforementioned counters also have STAB super effective moves to deal with our cute turtle.

Name Item Ability Nature

Shell Smash

Splash Plate Sturdy Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Shell Smash
~ Aqua Tail
~ Stone Edge
~ Aqua Jet
84 HP / 212 Atk / 12 Def / 180 Spe

Shell Smash Tirtouga is easily the most common Shell Smash user in Little Cup. After a Shell Smash, Tirtogua is free to destroy most teams once its checks are weakened or removed. Aqua Tail is the STAB move of choice, as it is needed for some significant OHKOs in conjunction with Splash Plate. Stone Edge coupled with Aqua Tail gives you pretty good neutral coverage, hitting Pokemon, such as Staryu and Chinchou, which resist Aqua Tail, as well as being able to smash Lileep. Aqua Jet rounds off the set by enabling Tirtouga to defeat Sucker Punch Murkrow and Drilbur in sand, as well as being a good move in general for defeating weakened Pokemon.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Bulky Shell Smash

Eviolite Solid Rock Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Shell Smash
~ Stone Edge
~ Waterfall
~ Aqua Jet
4 HP / 212 Atk / 12 Def / 76 SpD / 180 Spe

As with any Shell Smash Tirtouga set, this one uses its power and STAB coverage to tear through weakened teams or dent the opposing team early-game for another Pokemon to sweep later on. Eviolite Shell Smash Tirtouga is an effective spin on the standard Splash Plate variant, trading power for survivability. While this set fails to net some useful OHKOs that a Splash Plate-boosted Aqua Tail does, notably on Mienfoo, it has its own unique merits, such as unparalleled setup ability. Tirtouga switches in with defensive stats of 22 HP, 25 Defense, and 18 Special Defense, which, coupled with Solid Rock, give Tirtouga an easy setup on almost any Pokemon. For example, Tirtouga can boost in the face of powerful physical and special attackers and have enough HP left to survive many turns of hail damage. In fact, while Sturdy Tirtouga is automatically hindered by hail because it will finish off Tirtouga after Sturdy activates, this set has no fear of hail. Take a look at these impressive damage calculations:

  • 80 SpA Murkrow Hidden Power Grass: 68.18% - 81.82%
  • 236+ Atk Drilbur Earthquake: 59.09% - 81.82%
  • 236 Atk Mienfoo Hi Jump Kick: 68.18% - 86.36%
  • 76 Atk Mienfoo Drain Punch: 40.91% - 45.45%

Tirtouga is also one of the very few Pokemon that can set up in the face of Murkrow, as Brave Bird does negligible damage and Sucker Punch can be evaded with Aqua Jet once Tirtouga reaches +2 Speed. Additionally, Tirtouga can choose to strike Murkrow either before or after it uses Roost depending on whether or not Tirtouga attacks with Aqua Jet, which makes predicting the moves of opposing Murkrow much easier.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Eviolite Solid Rock Relaxed
Moveset EVs
~ Stealth Rock
~ Scald
~ Rock Slide
~ Knock Off / Aqua Jet
164 HP / 52 Atk / 12 Def / 16 SpA / 236 SpD / 20 Spe

Unlike the Shell Smash set, Tirtouga forgoes a powerful boosting move in this set in order to support its team. Stealth Rock is a must on nearly all Little Cup teams, punishing your opponent for switching and stripping twenty-five percent of Murkrow's HP every time it switches in. Scald is an excellent STAB move that deals considerable damage and also has a chance to burn Mienfoo, a common Tirtouga switch-in. Rock Slide is very useful for hitting Murkrow, Larvesta, and Shelmet super effectively. Although the situation may not commonly occur due to Tirtouga's medicore Speed stat and a Relaxed nature, Rock Slide's chance to flinch an opponent is worth mentioning. Knock Off is a great overall move in Little Cup for further lessening the defensive and even offensive prowess of Tirtouga's switch-ins, removing Eviolites, Life Orbs, and Choice Scarfs. Aqua Jet is a useful priority move that can be used to take out weakened Pokemon as well as to 2HKO Life Orb Drilbur, a top threat in Little Cup.

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Other Options

Tirtouga isn't blessed with many other viable options. A mixed Shell Smash set with the EVs 132 Atk / 252 SpA / 100 Spe, a Rash nature, and Hydro Pump, Shell Smash, Stone Edge, and Aqua Jet is somewhat viable; however, it doesn't accomplish anything that the Shell Smash set couldn't already do. Also, a mixed Shell Smash set lacks consistency, as it relies on two moves with 80% accuracy. A bulky Choice Band set may be viable, as it still serves as an excellent check to Murkrow, but now has an extra moveslot to deal with Croagunk in the form of Earthquake.

Checks and Counters

One of Tirtouga's largest flaws is that it's efficiently checked by two common Pokemon in the metagame: Ferroseed and Croagunk. Ferroseed is arguably Tirtouga's best check, as it can take any hit, even after a Shell Smash, and either retaliate with Bullet Seed, which OHKOes Tirtouga even through Sturdy, or set up entry hazards. Croagunk's immunity to Water-type attacks due to Dry Skin, resistance to Rock-type attacks, and access to powerful STAB Fighting-type moves and priority make it an excellent Tirtouga check. However, Ferroseed and Croagunk will fall to any Shell Smash Tirtouga with Hidden Power Fire or Earthquake, respectively. Although Ferroseed is an excellent check to Shell Smash Tirtouga, it must be wary of an untimely Scald burn versus the support Tirtouga. Although less efficient checks than Croagunk and Ferroseed, Lileep and Slowpoke both do a decent job of checking Shell Smash Tirtouga; Lileep has Giga Drain to swiftly OHKO the Shell Smash set, while Slowpoke's Regenerator ability ensures that it's able to consistently check Tirtouga throughout the match. Other than dedicated walls, Choice Scarf users that can take a boosted Aqua Jet and outspeed +2 Tirtouga make good checks to it; for example, Chinchou resists Aqua Jet and can use Thunderbolt to destroy Tirtouga.