Hyper Cutter
The wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
Arena Trap

Prevents grounded Pokemon from switching. Increases encounter rate.

Sheer Force
Increases power of moves with secondary effects by 30%, but removes the effects.
Type Tier
Ground LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
14 16 19 20
9 11 14 15
9 11 14 15
9 11 14 15
6 7 10 11
  • Little Cup


Trapinch, though often overlooked in Little Cup, actually boasts one of the highest Attack stats in the metagame with an astounding base 100. That amazing Attack stat is sadly backed by an abysmal Base 10 Speed, which prevents it from being a great physical sweeper. However, its stats are perfect for Trick Room, an environment where Trapinch absolutely thrives. Its typing also gives it STAB on Earthquake, one of the best, most reliable attacks in the game. Unfortunately, that's where the list of good things ends. Trapinch has a terrible movepool that limits it to only a few viable moves, and unlike Cubone, another Ground-type Trick Room sweeper, Trapinch does not have an item that can double its Attack, so it cannot hit as hard as Cubone in most cases. However, if you want one of the fastest Pokemon in Trick Room, look no further than this little antlion.

Name Item Ability Nature

Trick Room Sweeper

Life Orb Arena Trap Brave
Moveset IVs
~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide
~ Crunch
~ Hidden Power Fire
3 HP / 2 Spe
200 Atk / 240 SpA

This set gives Trapinch the best chance at a sweep. In Trick Room, the only Pokemon in Little Cup that can "outspeed" it is minimum Speed Munchlax. Earthquake is an incredible STAB attack coming off of 20 Attack, and Rock Slide allows Trapinch to attain "EdgeQuake" coverage, resisted only by the uncommon Bronzor. Crunch is perfect for Ghost-types and Slowpoke, easily OHKOing Gastly while netting a 2HKO on Slowpoke. Finally, Hidden Power Fire gives Trapinch a super effective hit on Ferroseed, a Pokemon that would otherwise wall this set cold.

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Other Options

Given Trapinch's awful movepool, it doesn't really have a lot of other options to run. It has Bug Bite to potentially steal an Oran Berry, but this only gets super effective coverage on the not-so-common Grass-, Dark-, and Psychic-types. It can use Hidden Power Fire to hit Ferroseed for super effective damage, but the move has no other utility outside of that. In addition, Hidden Power Fire fails to OHKO Ferroseed, who can KO back with Bullet Seed or Seed Bomb. It has Quick Attack for priority, but frankly, its listed moves are much better. Finally, Trapinch can run a Choice Band set, but it will be easily outsped by almost every Pokemon in the metagame.

Checks and Counters

In Trick Room, the only real way to beat Trapinch without losing a lot of health is by using priority attacks. If it can avoid an Earthquake on the switch, mixed priority abuse Croagunk can easily dispatch Trapinch with the combination of Fake Out and Vacuum Wave (or Sucker Punch). However, the number of Pokemon that can stop Trapinch if Trick Room is not up greatly increases since it will be almost impossible to not outspeed it. Almost any Pokemon carrying a super effective attack can beat Trapinch outside of Trick Room, considering that Trapinch's defenses aren't exactly great. Snover with Blizzard is great, as it resists Earthquake.