Ice Body
Heals 1/16 maximum HP in hail.
Weak Armor
Boosts Speed by 1 stage and lowers Defense by 1 stage when hit by a physical move.
Type Tier
Ice NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 283 346 -
203 226 289 317
185 206 269 295
230 256 319 350
203 226 289 317
174 194 257 282


Vanilluxe is your typical Ice-type: it has good stats overall, but it doesn't have the movepool to back them up. Though Autotomize is the main reason to use Vanilluxe, a lack of reliable recovery and a horrid defensive typing make it hard for Vanilluxe to get a Speed boost. Thus, despite its respectable bulk, Vanilluxe needs support in order to succeed. Additionally, its coverage options are sprinkled with little more than Ice-type moves, meaning that it is often walled. Finally, outside of Autotomize, Jynx does better than Vanilluxe as an offensive Ice-type. Sporting greater Speed, offensive presence, boosting moves, and the deadly Lovely Kiss, Jynx is much easier fit onto teams than our two-scoop friend.

Name Item Ability Nature


Life Orb / Icicle Plate Ice Body Modest
Moveset IVs
~ Autotomize
~ Ice Beam
~ Hidden Power Ground
~ Flash Cannon
30 SpA / 30 SpD
78 HP / 252 SpA / 180 Spe

The purpose of this set is to boost Vanilluxe's Speed with Autotomize and attempt a sweep. This set can handle a lot of offensive teams by KOing the opponent's frailer offensive Pokemon before they can secure a hit. While it may be difficult for Vanilluxe to find an opportunity to set up, if it is able to do so, it can truly wreak havoc for the opponent. Ice Beam is used on this set as Vanilluxe's best STAB. Hidden Power Ground provides the best super effective coverage alongside Ice Beam, hitting Steel- and Fire-type Pokemon harder than Ice Beam can, while Flash Cannon hits opposing Ice-types, such as Jynx and Piloswine. Finally, though it doesn't benefit Vanilluxe in NU due to the lack of weather inducers, Ice Body is the ability of choice for this set, as Weak Armor is excessive with Autotomize, and it makes Vanilluxe much easier to take out.

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Other Options

As previously stated, Vanilluxe has a bad movepool, but it does have a few other options. First off, while removing Hidden Power Ground leaves Vanilluxe helpless against Steel-types, Hidden Power Grass can be used to defeat some key threats, such as Carracosta and Seismitoad. Magic Coat is another reasonable option that can bounce back status and phazing moves, though Vanilluxe should focus more on offensive coverage. Similarly, Taunt could be used to help Vanilluxe beat bulky walls that would otherwise have their way with this set. The issue with Taunt is that it doesn't help Vanilluxe accomplish its job much better than the listed set does. Toxic is an interesting choice that would allow Vanilluxe to beat many of the common walls that would otherwise be able to switch in with impunity. Frost Breath could be used over Ice Beam in order to beat out Pokemon that try to set up Calm Mind, but it's only useful in very niche situations, whereas Ice Beam has greater power, perfect accuracy, and a chance to freeze the opponent. Lastly, a mixed set with Ice Shard and Explosion takes full advantage of Vanilluxe's good base 95 Attack. The main issue with this idea is that it forces Vanilluxe to either lose some Speed EVs or split EVs between Special Attack and Attack, lowering its overall power. In the end, you're typically better off running a special attacking set.

Checks and Counters

There are more checks and counters to Vanilluxe than there are flavors of Ben & Jerry's. Most Fighting-type Pokemon can cleanly OHKO it, though few can switch in. Specially defensive walls and tanks, such as Audino, Mantine, Regice, and Munchlax, all take a pittance from Vanilluxe and can stay in to support their team or fight back. Thick Fat Miltank also deserves a mention, as it resists Ice-type moves and strikes back for good damage with Body Slam. Metang also causes this particular set problems, as it is only 4HKOed by a Modest Life Orb-boosted Hidden Power Ground, while it can strike back with a super effective Meteor Mash. Finally, priority users, such as Mach Punch Gurdurr and Bullet Punch Metang, ignore the Speed boost that Autotomize provides while hitting Vanilluxe for great damage.