Ice Body
Heals 1/16 maximum HP in hail.
Weak Armor
Boosts Speed by 1 stage and lowers Defense by 1 stage when hit by a physical move.
Type Tier
Ice NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 146 178 -
103 115 147 161
94 105 137 150
117 130 162 178
103 115 147 161
89 99 131 144


Yum, yum, ice cream. What? What do you mean, "no, it's a Pokemon?" Oh, right, the analysis. With Snow Warning being allowed in RU, there is finally a reason to use Vanilluxe. When it comes to Vanilluxe's stats, they are pretty solid overall. A great base 110 Special Attack is the first thing that pops out, which allows Vanilluxe to heavily damage its opponents with its STAB Blizzard. Vanilluxe also has good overall defenses and a good Speed stat for the role it plays, despite missing out on base 80 Speed Pokemon by two points. Vanilluxe also has a surprisingly good Attack stat, although it has no use for it. Other than that though, Vanilluxe has barely anything else going for it. Vanilluxe's movepool is as stale as its flavor, as it mostly consists of Ice-type moves, and status moves such as Autotomize and Taunt. So what does Vanilluxe do? Like Glaceon, it uses a Substitute + Protect set to slowly wear down the opponent with the hail's constant damage and its offensive moves. However, as you might have guessed, Vanilluxe does face stiff competition from Glaceon, so one must play to what Vanilluxe has over it: a higher Speed stat. With its higher Speed stat, Vanilluxe can actually outspeed key offensive threats such as Absol, Adamant Kabutops, and Adamant Gallade, something Glaceon just can't do (it can tie with Jolly Emboar at best). And as stated before, Vanilluxe has access to Taunt, which gives it an edge over Glaceon when facing Pokemon such as Slowking. This sums up Vanilluxe; it is basically a one-trick pony that faces stiff competition as an Ice-type on a hail team from not only Glaceon, but almost all relevant Ice-types in the tier. And one last thing: never use Vanilluxe outside of hail, as there are much better Pokemon for that in the tier.

Name Ability Nature

Substitute + Protect

Ice Body Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Protect
~ Blizzard
~ Toxic / Hidden Power Ground
24 HP / 232 SpA / 252 Spe

Like most Ice Body Pokemon, Vanilluxe dons the SubProtect role, and does it with success. Despite the competition it receives from Glaceon, Vanilluxe still sees use due to its greater Speed, which allows it to outspeed key threats such Absol, Adamant Kabutops, and Adamant Gallade, which Glaceon fails to do. The strategy behind this set is to wear down the opponent with the residual damage hail brings, while being protected from incoming attacks by Substitute and Protect. Blizzard is used as the main STAB move, as it gains perfect accuracy in hail, while it deals heavy damage thanks to its high Base Power and Vanilluxe's great Special Attack. With the damage from Blizzard and hail, wearing down the opponent will be rather quick and easy. However, some special walls, most notably Slowking and Cryogonal, gives this set trouble, as they resist Blizzard and have access to recovery moves. Toxic makes these Pokemon less of an issue, as it makes it a lot harder for them to stay alive. However, Hidden Power Ground is a good option if Vanilluxe has teammates that can cover the aforementioned threats, as it gives Vanilluxe super effective coverage against Pokemon such as Lanturn, Qwilfish, and various Fire- and Steel-types. Hidden Power Ground is especially useful against Qwilfish, as it is immune to Toxic.

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Other Options

Flash Cannon is the most usable offensive move that Vanilluxe can use besides the ones already mentioned. It allows Vanilluxe to hit opposing Ice-types super effectively, bar Walrein and co., but the coverage it provides aside from that is basically nonexistent, making it highly situational. Signal Beam is similar to Flash Cannon, except it hits Slowking for super effective damage. However, despite that fact, it can only 4HKO Slowking at best, making Toxic and Taunt much better options against Slowking. Hidden Power Fire can be used to hit an unsuspecting Escavalier hard, while also hitting other Ice-types, bar Piloswine and the Water / Ice-types, for super effective damage. However, the Hidden Power types mentioned earlier in the analysis are often far more favorable. Vanilluxe can pull off a sweeping role with Autotomize doubling its Speed, and using Blizzard, Hidden Power Ground, and either Flash Cannon or Substitute together with Life Orb and a Modest nature to be as threatening as possible; Petaya Berry is an option over Life Orb as well. However, due to the low Base Power and small range of coverage its moves brings, Autotomize Vanilluxe is too situational to be worth it; it can pull off a sweep, but it will not happen that often. Ice Shard is an gimmicky option, but Vanilluxe has a decent Attack stat and Ice Shard can pick off weakened Sceptile and such. However, Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Rotom-F are often better for dealing with faster threats. If you for some reason ignore my warnings about using Vanilluxe outside of hail, then Ice Beam and Frost Breath are the best bets for a STAB move. But again, you should not be using Vanilluxe outside of hail. Ever. On a final note, Vanilluxe also has access to a few support moves such as Light Screen and Magic Coat, while it can make use of Choice Specs to put a serious dent into several foes.

Checks and Counters

While Vanilluxe has that high Base Power STAB move in Blizzard, it's not the most dangerous Pokemon and not impossible to stop. Slowking is an absolute terror to all Vanilluxe out there who lack Toxic or Taunt. Slowking's resistance to Blizzard, reliable recovery move in Slack Off, great special bulk, and the low Base Power of Vanilluxe's coverage moves makes it outright impossible for Vanilluxe to wear it down without Toxic. Cryogonal is in the same boat, boasting incredible Special Defense and Recover, making Toxic a must-have if it wants to break Cryogonal down. Thick Fat Pokemon with great bulk can also deal with Vanilluxe, as they essentially resist Blizzard. Miltank is the number one Pokemon when it comes to this category. As she has great bulk and Milk Drink at her disposal, Vanilluxe has a hard time wearing Miltank down. Vanilluxe's most powerful move to use against Miltank, Hidden Power Fighting, only 3HKOes her, while Miltank also has access to Heal Bell to nullify Toxic. On top of that, Miltank can set up Stealth Rock as well, which gives Vanilluxe and its Ice-type friends trouble. When it comes to other Thick Fat Pokemon, Piloswine and Hariyama are the most prominent ones. While they lack recovery outside of Rest, they can certainly take hits while hitting back hard and even phaze Vanilluxe out. Poliwrath is another bulky Water-type Pokemon who gives Vanilluxe trouble. With its great bulk and resistance to Blizzard, Poliwrath is only 3HKOed at best, making it a great answer. Poliwrath also recovers its health with Rest, while it hits hard back with Circle Throw, possibly even phazing Vanilluxe out. Specially defensive Entei is a nightmare for Vanilluxe as well. Entei with maximum Special Defense is 3HKOed at best by Hidden Power Ground, even with Stealth Rock in play, while Toxic might not help Vanilluxe either as Entei might use Rest.

Offensive Entei can also give Vanilluxe trouble, especially if it does not have a Substitute up, as can the other common Fire-types in the tier. Entei, Typhlosion, Magmortar, and Emboar are only 2HKOed by Hidden Power Ground with Stealth Rock on the field. Moltres has a harder time against Vanilluxe if Stealth Rock is up, but can survive one Blizzard if Stealth Rock is not present and KO Vanilluxe in return. There are more offensive threats that take down Vanilluxe with relative ease. Jolly Gallade has no trouble taking a Blizzard, while it outspeeds and easily KOes Vanilluxe with its STAB Fighting-type moves. Escavalier, while slower than Vanilluxe, can easily take assaults from Vanilluxe, only fearing Hidden Power Fire, and break through with its STAB Iron Head while not taking any hail damage in the process as well if it has Overcoat. Cinccino easily checks Vanilluxe, as its super effective Skill Link Rock Blast will have absolutely no trouble breaking through Vanilluxe's Substitute and KO it. Klinklang is in a similar situation, as its STAB Gear Grind is a multi-hit move as well, but it must be wary of Hidden Power Ground, Fighting, and Fire. Feraligatr resists Blizzard, has Aqua Jet to break Vanilluxe's Substitutes, and can hit extremely hard in return. Also, as Vanilluxe is only a threat in hail, changing the weather will make it much easier to deal with it.