Raises Attack one stage when hit by a Dark-type move.
Type Tier
Grass / Fighting UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 323 386 -
194 216 279 306
162 180 243 267
194 216 279 306
264 294 357 392
226 252 315 346


Let's face it, Virizion is a Pokemon that oozes class. Its attitude and power means that its legendary status is well deserved. The Grass- and Fighting-type combination is only shared with Breloom, but Virizion has many advantages over its mushroom counterpart that make it a threat in its own right. One thing immediately stands out when looking at Virizion's assets: its 129 base Special Defense that, alongside its typing, makes it one of the best Pokemon to use against weather-based teams. Its 108 Speed stat, shared with the other musketeers (Terrakion and Cobalion), allows it to outspeed most of the OU tier. Virizion also has access to both Calm Mind and Swords Dance, so it can work as either as a very bulky special sweeper or an all-out physical sweeper.

Unfortunately, Virizion isn't without its negative aspects. It has to rely on the incredibly inaccurate Focus Blast on the special sweeper set. Its Defense stat is decent at best, and it has some trouble taking strong neutral physical attacks. Its Justified ability is also a rather useless one since Dark-type attacks are rare in OU and Tyranitar, its main user, won't be staying in on any of Virizion's sets. Despite these faults however, Virizion is still a great Pokemon and it should always be considered when building a team.

Name Item Nature

Calm Mind

Leftovers / Life Orb Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Giga Drain
~ Focus Blast
~ Hidden Power Ice
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

With Calm Mind, Virizion takes advantage of its excellent special bulk and typing to function as a special tank. While its base 90 Special Attack might seem quite underwhelming in a tier where base 130 offensive stats are commonplace, the most important thing to remember is that Virizion does not earn its keep by sweeping; Calm Mind Virizion is a great defensive pivot, as it resists many attacking types found on rain and sand teams. If Pokemon was soccer, then Virizion would be an excellent midfielder. It is able to both support the team by tanking powerful hits and go on the offensive when the opportunity arises. With the given moveset, Virizion can bust up common balance and stall cores, such as Ferrothorn + Jellicent + Gliscor. After setting up a Calm Mind, Virizion is near-impenetrable on the special side, with the exception of super effective STAB attacks.

Giga Drain allows Virizion to feast on the many bulky Water- and Ground-types that plague the OU metagame, such as Politoed, Vaporeon, and Gastrodon, while restoring its HP. Focus Blast is Virizion's only decently powerful STAB attack; although its accuracy makes it just about the most frustrating move in the entire game, Focus Blast has the power to OHKO Skarmory after Stealth Rock with a Calm Mind boost. Hidden Power Ice rounds out Virizion's coverage by hitting Dragonite, Salamence, Landorus-T, and Gliscor for 4x super effective damage. After a Calm Mind boost, it OHKOes all of the aforementioned Pokemon, provided Dragonite does not have Multiscale active.

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Name Item Nature

Swords Dance

Life Orb / Lum Berry Naive / Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Swords Dance
~ Close Combat
~ Leaf Blade
~ Hidden Power Ice / Stone Edge
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Virizion's usable Attack stat, excellent defensive typing, solid coverage, and good Speed make it a decent Swords Dance user. Swords Dance boosts Virizion's relevant offensive stat twice as quickly as Calm Mind does and thus makes it a bigger immediate threat. Furthermore, Swords Dance Virizion defeats most of the defensive Pokemon that trouble its Calm Mind counterpart. Close Combat is Virizion's main STAB, as it does severe damage after a Swords Dance. To illustrate this, with a Life Orb boost, a +2 Close Combat OHKOes specially defensive Jirachi. Leaf Blade is Virizion's secondary STAB, and is an excellent one at that, able to smack the numerous bulky Water- and Ground-types for super effective damage. In particular, Leaf Blade wipes Slowbro and Quagsire—the biggest obstacles to physical Fighting-types and stat-boosting Pokemon, respectively—off the map. Hidden Power Ice is preferred, as it easily 2HKOes Gliscor, but Stone Edge is a physical option that also takes down Flying-types. In addition, Stone Edge OHKOes Volcarona, who would otherwise comfortably wall Virizion.

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Name Item Nature

Work Up

Life Orb / Leftovers Hasty / Naive
Moveset EVs
~ Work Up
~ Close Combat
~ Giga Drain
~ Hidden Power Ice / Stone Edge
104 Atk / 152 SpA / 252 Spe

Unlike Salamence and Infernape, Virizion is no offensive juggernaut, but its astonishing special bulk allows it to grab multiple boosts, and while it often fails to OHKO or 2HKO the opponent, the opponent will be hard pressed to 2HKO or 3HKO Virizion in return. This, coupled with Virizion's excellent coverage and a blistering base 108 Speed, makes it a potent user of Work Up. Its typing makes it a valuable asset to many teams, especially those that employ sand, as Virizion dominates many common rain abusers, such as Ferrothorn, Rotom-W, and Gastrodon. What differentiates this set from the Calm Mind and Swords Dance sets is its reliability. With Close Combat, Virizion isn't forced to fire off the most unreliable move in the game, Focus Blast. With Giga Drain, Virizion gains access to a valuable method of recovery. Hidden Power Ice is the preferred coverage move, as it shoots down numerous Dragons, such as Dragonite and Salamence, that would otherwise wall Virizion. However, Stone Edge can be used to take out Volcarona, while still retaining coverage against some Dragons.

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Name Item Nature

Dual Screens

Light Clay Timid / Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Reflect
~ Light Screen
~ Giga Drain / Close Combat
~ Taunt
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe

While one may be disappointed when looking at Virizion's stats, particularly its lackluster Defense, it is actually an effective dual screens user. Virizion's great base 129 Special Defense, coupled with its resistance to Pursuit, allows it to set up on a greater number of threats than Latias, Azelf, and Espeon. Additionally, with its great base 108 Speed, Virizion has the capability to Taunt common entry hazard users and set-up sweepers that would normally pose problems for most dual screen users. Most dual screen users have a weakness to the ever-popular Rotom-W and Scizor VoltTurn core; however, Virizion does not fear Rotom-W and, with Reflect, can ensure that Scizor does not become too threatening. While this set is mainly used for support, one has a choice when picking an attack. Giga Drain offers insurance against most rain teams and the ability to replenish health, but one can also opt for Close Combat to beat down Tyranitar and keep Heatran at bay.

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Other Options

Virizion is part of the legendary Fighting-type group and, as such, has access to their signature move: Sacred Sword. It has 30 less Base Power than Close Combat, but it has two advantages: it doesn't lower Virizion's defenses, and it bypasses opponents' defensive boosts. Sacred Sword can replace Close Combat on the Swords Dance set if the defense drops prove to be unbearable. Virizion also has access to Toxic and Roar, so it can act as a special wall and a phazer with some defensive investment. Choice Band and Choice Specs sets are usable but are generally outclassed by Virizion's other sets. Likewise, an all-out mixed set consisting of Close Combat, Stone Edge, Giga Drain, and Hidden Power Ice is feasible, but Virizion's ordinary offensive stats make the set quite mediocre.

Checks and Counters

While Virizion is fast, there are quite a number of Pokemon that outspeed it and resist its attacks. Latias is probably the best counter to Virizion, as she is naturally faster, resists both of Virizion's STABs, has excellent Special Defense, and can easily set up with Calm Mind; offensive variants can easily OHKO Virizion with Psyshock as well. Also, Latios and Tornadus cleanly OHKO Virizion with Psyshock and Hurricane, respectively. While Latios takes little damage from any of Virizion's moves, Tornadus has to watch out for Hidden Power Ice and the rare Stone Edge, although the former will not KO without a boost. Gengar fares well against Swords Dance variants, as it only needs to worry about Stone Edge and Hidden Power Ice; the latter does little damage, and both can be stopped by Disable if necessary. Alakazam is also a decent option if you're desperate, but it can't switch into Swords Dance variants; much the same applies to Espeon and Azelf. While it has difficulty switching into Virizion, Weavile can OHKO it with Ice Punch. Similarly, Mamoswine cannot switch into either of Virizion's STAB attacks, but it can revenge kill weakened Virizion with Ice Shard. Choice Band Dragonite can do the same with ExtremeSpeed, and other Choice Scarf Dragon-types, such as Salamence and Haxorus, will also fare well as long as they don't switch in on Hidden Power Ice.

As for bulkier options, Chansey and Blissey check special sets that haven't gained too many boosts. While they do face a potential 2HKO from +1 Focus Blast, they have a very good chance of defeating Virizion thanks to Focus Blast's accuracy, especially if they carry Thunder Wave. Specially defensive Celebi can also take a hit and paralyze Virizion with Thunder Wave, which makes Virizion much easier to manage. Reuniclus has the bulk to sponge a boosted Giga Drain and can either hit Virizion hard with its STAB move or set up with Trick Room. Specially bulky Steel-type Pokemon will give Virizion trouble as well: Scizor can boost up with Swords Dance and OHKO Virizion with Bullet Punch, Choice Band Scizor can deal severe damage with Bullet Punch and easily cut its sweep short and Jirachi can defeat it with Body Slam and Iron Head. However, note that if luck favors Life Orb Virizion, it can defeat both Scizor and Jirachi. While relatively rare, Toxicroak can be a huge nuisance to Virizion in the rain, as it resists both of Virizion's STABs in addition to Stone Edge, can recover off damage from Hidden Power Ice relatively quickly due to Dry Skin, and can easily set up with Swords Dance or Bulk Up. Specially defensive Dragonite can comfortably boost up with Dragon Dance due to Multiscale. Volcarona can take its time to set up on Virizion with Quiver Dance, sponging any attack besides Stone Edge, as can Chandelure with Substitute. Finally, Skarmory is an excellent counter to both Swords Dance and Work Up sets, as it does not mind taking Close Combat, can easily OHKO with Brave Bird, and can choose to just set up Spikes.

In general, sun teams easily handle Virizion: Ninetales is bulky enough to take most of Virizion's attacks, aside from a boosted Stone Edge, and can fry it with Fire Blast. Most sun sweepers do not care at all for Virizion, either. For example, not only does Venusaur resist both of Virizion's STABs, but it also outspeeds Virizion in the sun, and Venusaur can either hit Virizion hard with Sludge Bomb or put it to sleep with Sleep Powder. Sawsbuck outspeeds and can OHKO with Double-Edge, while Choice Scarf Fire-types, such as Darmanitan, Victini, and Heatran, will roast Virizion to a crisp with their sun-boosted Fire-type STAB attacks.