Unaffected by sound moves.
30% chance to paralyze when struck by a contact move.
Deals 25% damage when KOed by contact damage.
Type Tier
Electric LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 20 23 -
8 9 12 13
9 11 14 15
10 12 15 16
10 12 15 16
14 16 19 20
  • Little Cup


Voltorb is one of the original Electric-type Pokemon from the first generation, and not much has changed for it over the years. It has quite a shallow movepool that really doesn't have much going for it, but there is one thing that separates Voltorb and its evolution from the pack: their comparatively blazing Speed stats. With access to a great offensive coverage in the form of a makeshift BoltBeam combo and Speed a cut above the faster Pokemon in the tier, Voltorb basically outruns anything lacking a Choice Scarf, and can fire off a plethora of powerful special attacks.

Name Item Nature

Offensive Orb

Life Orb Hasty / Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Thunderbolt
~ Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Fire
~ Substitute / Signal Beam
~ Explosion / Taunt
36 HP / 36 Atk / 236 SpA / 200 Spe

Thunderbolt is Voltorb's main option for dishing out damage. With its decent Special Attack stat, great Speed, and a fantastic STAB attack, coming in and firing off Thunderbolts should work out well. Hidden Power Ice covers a lot of holes in Voltorb's coverage, primarily against Ground-types. Explosion is handy for leaving a lasting dent in the opponent's team before taking your leave, and with Life Orb and the given EVs, Voltorb can generate quite a punch with it. Substitute helps Voltorb stay safe while on the attack, as well as easing prediction. Signal Beam is a bit of a redundant coverage filler, but you don't have much else to really put there, and it is a better move to hit Grass-types. Signal Beam also deals a little bit more damage to Psychic-types than Thunderbolt, along with being a reliable move to blast Snover with (if you followed the Hidden Power Ice path). The nature is a Speed boost preference, and it doesn't really matter which one you opt for. The given EVs maximize the values you need the most; Voltorb hits max Special Attack and with a Speed boosting nature and 200 Speed EVs Voltorb hits a value of 20, which outpaces basically every Pokemon lacking a Choice Scarf in the Little Cup tier. Leftover EVs give Voltorb an extra point in HP and a bit of extra strength in Explosion.

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Name Item Nature

Substitute + Charge Beam

Oran Berry Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Charge Beam
~ Hidden Power Ice
~ Thunderbolt
~ Substitute
36 HP / 36 Def / 236 SpA / 196 Spe

This set focuses on trying to catch a Special Attack boost or two from Charge Beam. Charge Beam deals decent damage, receives a STAB boost, and can nab Voltorb a Special Attack boost in the process. Substitute helps you pick and choose when to try and pick up a Charge Beam boost, as well as protect Voltorb from status. Thunderbolt and Hidden Power Ice form the attacking core and can deal a high amount of damage with even a single boost. Oran Berry allows Voltorb to retain an extra sum of HP for when you are playing around with Substitute, and keeps Voltorb's health at a reasonable level after it starts getting low the first time around.

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Name Item Nature

Rain Dance Lead

Damp Rock Naive / Hasty
Moveset EVs
~ Rain Dance
~ Thunder
~ Taunt / Protect
~ Explosion / Volt Switch
36 HP / 36 Atk / 236 SpA / 200 Spe

Voltorb makes a great Rain Dance lead because it is the fastest Pokemon in Little Cup capable of setting up Rain Dance. After it sets up Rain Dance, it can attack with a powerful Thunder, which has 100% accuracy thanks to the rain. Taunt can stop other leads from setting up entry hazards or screens, which will always work, apart from the occasional Diglett lead with Stealth Rock. Even in this generation with the nerf, Explosion lets Voltorb go out with a bang, taking down practically any foe that does not carry an Eviolite. Damp Rock is the best item Voltorb can use, as it keeps the rain up for eight turns as opposed to five.

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Other Options

Voltorb has the ability to scout in the form of Volt Switch. Hidden Power Fire is an acceptable move seeing as Ferroseed is usually around to ruin Voltorb's time on the field. Sucker Punch is viable and can give you priority with which to stop Choice Scarf users and sweepers that may have managed to obtain a boost, along with reliably handling Ghost-type Pokemon. Air Balloon is a good item that lets Voltorb beat Pokemon such as Diglett and can let you switch into Drilbur and other Earthquake users. Protect can scout Choice Scarf users, which are the only Pokemon that can outright outspeed Voltorb, along with guarding you from Fake Out users.

Checks and Counters

Special walls such as Munchlax and Lickitung will force Voltorb out, or force it to use Explosion. Chinchou is immune to Electric-type attacks and resists Hidden Power Ice. It can also OHKO Voltorb with Hydro Pump after one turn of Life Orb damage 100% of the time. Ferroseed counters any set that doesn't carry Hidden Power Fire. Choice Scarf Snover can switch into any attack bar the uncommon Hidden Power Fire and proceed to potentially KO Voltorb with Blizzard.


Voltorb gets Aftermath, which outclasses its other abilities as it lets Voltorb deal some parting damage should it be KOed by a contact move. Unfortunately, it is illegal in Little Cup play because Voltorb has only been released with it at above level 5 and is genderless, meaning it cannot pass it down.