Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage is reduced by 50%.
Ice Body
Heals 1/16 maximum HP in hail.
Grants immunity to infatuation and Captivate.
Type Tier
Ice / Water NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 361 424 -
176 196 259 284
194 216 279 306
203 226 289 317
194 216 279 306
149 166 229 251


Walrein is a strange Pokemon in RU; in hail, it is an absolute beast that has very few counters, but outside of hail it's pretty mediocre and is outclassed by other bulky Water-types such as Slowking and Lanturn. That being said, it's very easy to set up and maintain hail in RU because it is the only permanent weather available in the tier, and it is a very potent strategy in itself. Walrein is arguably the best Pokemon to make use of hail, as it can stall out a large portion of the tier with minimal support due to its ability, Ice Body. It has excellent physical and special bulk, which enables it to do its job effectively against offensive threats. However, it does sport a few common weaknesses to Rock-, Fighting-, and Grass-type moves; the former is particularly painful because of the omnipresent Stealth Rock. Walrein is perfect for Toxic stalling, but its other uses are limited. However, it's so absurdly effective at this job that it doesn't really need to do anything else.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Ice Body Calm
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Protect
~ Toxic / Roar
~ Blizzard / Super Fang / Surf
232 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD / 20 Spe

This is Walrein's best set, and it is very effective. The goal of this set is to stall out foes through Toxic and hail damage by alternating between Substitute and Protect. Walrein suffers no net loss of HP after using Substitute and Protect consecutively, enabling it to watch the opponent's HP bar drain slowly while sitting pretty. As such, Substitute and Protect are non-negotiable and should always be used on Walrein. Toxic and Roar are both good options to start the cycle of Substitute and Protect; Toxic is generally more useful because Walrein has the bulk to inflict Toxic itself, making it less reliant on support, but Roar can be used instead if you have Toxic Spikes support. Of course, Roar is also useful with other entry hazards, but the purpose of this set is to stall out Toxic damage, and using Roar without Toxic Spikes support kind of defeats the purpose of using Walrein in the first place. Relying on Toxic Spikes means that you miss out on Flying-types and Levitate users, but many of those are hit hard by Blizzard, so it's not as big of a deal. Blizzard is not crucial to the success of this set, but it's still useful. It quickens the process of wearing down the foe's health and can be used often because many defensive Pokemon are unable to break Walrein's Substitutes. It's also a quick and easy way to get rid of Pokemon such as Druddigon and Tangrowth that can be difficult to KO through other means. Super Fang and Surf are also viable though; Super Fang quickens the demise of specially defensive Pokemon much more than Blizzard, and it notably gives Walrein a way of significantly damaging Clefable, which is immune to Toxic and hail. Although Surf is more conservative than Blizzard because of its higher PP and can hit Steel-types harder, the lack of power and inability to break through most Steel-types anyway makes it an unappealing choice.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Ice Body Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Blizzard
~ Surf
~ Hidden Power Fire
~ Brine / Toxic
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

When your opponent sees Walrein on a hail team in Team Preview, there is no doubt that they will assume it is the Stallrein set. This is what makes a simple Choice Scarf set so effective for Walrein. A good deal of teams deal with Walrein by wearing it down and trying to prevent it from getting a Substitute up with pressure from offensive Rock-, Grass-, and Fighting-type Pokemon. The Choice Scarf set is able to outspeed every non-Choice Scarf Pokemon in the tier outside of Ninjask, Accelgor, Aerodactyl, and Swellow. A powerful STAB Blizzard allows Walrein to do hefty amounts of damage to most offensive Pokemon that stay in, not expecting to be hit first. While it can be argued that Glaceon is a better Choice Scarf user on hail teams thanks to higher Special Attack, Walrein has several advantages that can make it a better choice. Walrein's Water typing means that it does not have to sacrifice a Hidden Power slot in order to get a super effective hit against Pokemon such as Moltres or Entei. Walrein also has considerably more bulk than Glaceon does, being about as bulky as 252/0 Druddigon even without any HP investment. Hidden Power Fire allows Walrein to hit Escavalier switch-ins that think they are able to tank a Blizzard as well as unexpectedly revenge kill any Durant variant outside of a Choice Scarf set. The last slot depends on your team. Brine allows Walrein to clean up the opposing team late-game after everything has been weakened while Toxic can be used to handle Slowking and Cryogonal if your team has trouble with them, as they will wall Walrein otherwise.

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Other Options

Walrein has very few other options and really shouldn't be used outside of hail or do anything other than Toxic stalling. One move not mentioned above that can help in Walrein's cause for stalling superiority is Encore. Encore with some Speed investment can create some opportunities for Walrein to be able to switch in, Encore a useless move of the opponent's, and set up a Substitute. For those who want to be innovative, a bulky Life Orb set is probably not that bad (not that good either, though). Walrein has a solid Special Attack stat but a horrid movepool, and while it has more options on the physical side, its Attack stat is dreadful. Curse is also pretty bad for this reason. You can use Stockpile on Walrein, but there's really no point to it because the idea of Walrein is to avoid taking damage in the first place. Again, Walrein is hardly versatile, and pretty much its only use other than the main set is using a Choice Scarf.

Checks and Counters

Walrein is a difficult Pokemon to directly counter, as there are very few Pokemon that it can't defeat through residual damage, but there are a couple. Perhaps the best counter to Walrein is Escavalier, as it is immune to Toxic, doesn't take hail damage with Overcoat, and can hit Walrein hard with its STAB moves while resisting Blizzard. Poliwrath and Clefable are the best defensive Pokemon to counter Walrein. The former takes Blizzards like a champ, can Rest off status, and has Circle Throw to wear Walrein down (although it doesn't break Walrein's Substitute). The latter is immune to Toxic and hail due to Magic Guard, and although it doesn't break Walrein's Substitutes with Seismic Toss, Walrein can't significantly damage it except with Super Fang, which isn't particularly common. Klinklang is a pretty good check to Walrein, as it can set up on Walrein easily and break through its Substitutes with Gear Grind once it has a boost. Lanturn can also deal with Walrein well if it has Heal Bell, but unless it also has Thunderbolt, it will be forced to switch out every time with Volt Switch, and Toxic has more PP than Heal Bell.

While certain Pokemon are a hard stop to Walrein, generally you'll have to rely on methods that aren't so black and white. Entry hazards, especially Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock, greatly hamper Walrein, and the more you can force it to switch in and out of hazards, the better. Multi-hit moves are a decent way of dealing with Walrein; Cinccino and Rhydon are both common users of them and can deal damage even when a Substitute is up. However, neither of them likes taking Blizzard. Another great way of shutting down Walrein is Taunt, and Drapion and Mandibuzz fare decently well against Walrein if they have the move. Alternately, hitting Walrein with high-powered STAB moves is sure to do a number on it, because while it is bulky, it is far from unbreakable.