Moves that do not deal direct damage have their priority increased by one level.
The wielder bypasses the foe's Light Screen, Reflect, Mist, and Safeguard.
Speed doubles in sun.
Type Tier
Grass RU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 135 167 -
78 87 119 130
94 105 137 150
87 97 129 141
85 95 127 139
122 136 168 184


Whimsicott is hands down one of the cutest Pokemon of all time. It is also the fastest Pokemon with Prankster and has an incredible support movepool. The sheer degree of possibility for customization of Whimsicott's sets makes prediction very difficult. From Tailwind to stall to a downright evil level 1 Trick Room user, Whimsicott is one of the biggest threats in the VGC 2011 metagame.

Name Item Ability Nature


Focus Sash Prankster Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Tailwind
~ Encore
~ Helping Hand / Protect
~ Trick Room
252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Whimsicott is the fastest user of Tailwind and Encore in the whole tier. This makes it one of the best support Pokemon to have on an offensive team. Encore forces the repetition of non-damaging moves. This allows for free hits and more time to set up a strategy. Helping Hand powers up a teammate's attacks. Tailwind and Helping Hand gives a team a ridiculous advantage, effectively putting Whimsicott's partner at +2 Speed and +1 Attack or Special Attack. Trick Room is useful for reversing the opponent's Trick Room, which would otherwise nullify Tailwind.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Terrakion Partner

Focus Sash Prankster Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Beat Up
~ Tailwind
~ Charm
~ Helping Hand / Trick Room
252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

This set focuses on abusing Terrakion's ability to quickly raise it to +4 Attack. This, along with Tailwind, will tear down unprepared teams. Charm lowers the Attack of threats like Conkeldurr and Scrafty before they can damage Terrakion. Trick Room can reverse the opponent's Trick Room while Terrakion safely uses Protect.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Prankster Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Leech Seed
~ Encore / Taunt
~ Cotton Guard / Toxic
36 Def / 252 SpD / 220 Spe

This has the potential to be the most dangerous (and rage-inducing) set. Substitute and Leech Seed have +1 priority thanks to Prankster. This means that Whimsicott's Leech Seed will hit every other Pokemon first. Encore allows Whimsicott to use Substitute, Cotton Guard, and Toxic repeatedly against Pokemon who use any non-damaging attack or Fake Out. After one Cotton Guard, Archeops' Acrobatics only 3HKOes Whimsicott. With two Cotton Guards under its belt, Whimsicott's Substitutes will almost never break from physical attacks.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Lv. 1 Trick Room

Focus Sash Prankster Relaxed / Sassy
Moveset IVs
~ Trick Room
~ Endeavor
~ Encore
~ Protect
0 Spe

Thanks to Sun Stone, Cottonee can evolve at level one. Whimsicott is the fastest Pokemon on the field once it gets up Trick Room. Endeavor will bring enemy Pokemon's HP down to an extremely low number. This means that a teammate can easily pick off weakened opponents. Encore still has a priority of +1 and helps tremendously against Pokemon that use Fake Out, Tailwind, and Protect.

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Other Options

Running an EV spread of 252 HP / 36 SpD / 220 Spe is viable on any set. It adds a little bulk while maintaining the jump on Thundurus and Tornadus by 1 point. Fake Tears and Tickle are good options to break down defensive Pokemon. Fake Tears allows Hydreigon to spam Draco Meteor all day. Tickle is incredibly helpful against common physical attackers such as Conkeldurr and bulkier Pokemon like Amoonguss.

Checks and Counters

Pokemon that can OHKO Whimsicott make for the best counters possible. Flying Gem-boosted Acrobatics from Tornadus or Archeops OHKOes Whimsicott. Chandelure's Overheat OHKOes Whimsicott as well, so predicting which item Whimsicott is holding determines how quickly you can KO it. Mienshao can slow down Whimsicott's strategy with Fake Out, but it must be wary of Encore. Musharna holding a Mental Herb can easily set up Trick Room when facing Whimsicott. Amoonguss with a Mental Herb can Spore Whimsicott. Amoonguss is also immune to Leech Seed and Toxic.