Moves that do not deal direct damage have their priority increased by one level.
The wielder bypasses the foe's Light Screen, Reflect, Mist, and Safeguard.
Speed doubles in sun.
Type Tier
Grass RU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 22 25 -
11 13 16 17
13 15 18 19
12 14 17 18
12 14 17 18
16 18 21 23


Despite its poor reputation and downfall from OU, Whimsicott still has a niche in RU. With Prankster and a seemingly endless list of good support moves including Stun Spore, Taunt, Encore, Memento, and Tailwind, Whimsicott can provide support for a variety of teams; this includes, and is not limited to: spreading status through Stun Spore and Toxic, using Taunt to prevent the opponent from setting up, and providing Sunny Day support for a sun team. However, due to its lackluster offensive stats, Whimsicott is limited to a supporting role. Unfortunately, Whimsicott's bulk is also mediocre, and its lack of a reliable recovery move is a major disappointment. Finally, after Whimsicott performs its job, it will usually become dead weight, as it poses no threat offensively and has no way outside of Leftovers and Leech Seed—which is blocked by opposing Grass-types—to recover its health. Whimsicott has a good Grass typing, but it faces competition from other Grass-types such as Tangrowth and Sceptile. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a Grass-type pivot that can prevent the opponent from setting up, spread paralysis, and scout the opponent, Whimsicott will have no trouble filling that role.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Prankster Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Stun Spore
~ U-turn / Memento
~ Encore
~ Taunt / Giga Drain / Leech Seed
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

This is Whimsicott's best set, and can be manipulated to fit onto a wide variety of teams. Prioritized Stun Spore is extremely annoying for the opponent, especially when it can paralyze Ground-type Pokemon that are normally immune to Thunder Wave—this can greatly aid a slower sweeper, such as Magmortar, and give it the opportunity to sweep. U-turn gives Whimsicott the ability to scout the opponent and safely bring in a teammate after it has successfully paralyzed the foe. If you would like to bring in a teammate that is a setup sweeper, then Memento may be more appealing, as it will most likely force the opponent to switch out, giving your sweeper a free turn to set up. Encore is another reliable way to force switches and aid setup sweepers, as forcing your opponent to continually use a move such as Protect will provide a massive setup opportunity for a teammate. The moves in the first three moveslots are mainly for team support, and should always be used in tandem with slow offensive Pokemon or setup sweepers.

The last slot is more dependent on your team's needs. Taunt can prevent any Pokemon without Magic Coat or Magic Bounce from setting up; this is especially useful if you have a Pokemon such as Moltres that is weak to entry hazards, as Whimsicott can almost always prevent Stealth Rock from being set up using Taunt. Giga Drain is Whimsicott's best weapon against the likes of Rhydon, Omastar, Kabutops, Feraligatr, and other Water- and Rock-types; note that Whimsicott cannot touch these Pokemon if it is not running Giga Drain. Finally, Leech Seed can be used to increase Whimsicott's longevity and force switches, which is very useful on a team with multiple layers of entry hazards. However, do not use Leech Seed in tandem with Substitute, as Whimsicott will be easily walled by opposing Grass-types and thus have more trouble supporting your team.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Sunny Day Support

Heat Rock Prankster Impish
Moveset EVs
~ Sunny Day
~ Taunt
~ U-turn / Memento
~ Encore / Memento / Leech Seed
248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD

This set capitalizes on Whimsicott's Prankster ability and access to Sunny Day to make a formidable weather setter. Prankster is its biggest advantage over other sun setters, as it allows Whimsicott to almost always set up sun before the opponent can react. Once Whimsicott sets up sun, it should either use U-turn and switch into a teammate that can take advantage of the sun or use Memento to allow a free setup turn for a sun sweeper. Whimsicott should not be setting up sun on offensive behemoths, such as Gallade and Druddigon, as doing so will usually leave Whimsicott fainted due to its fragility. Instead, Whimsicott should be setting up the sun on weaker defensive Pokemon, such as Ferroseed and Alomomola.

Taunt is a useful utility move that Whimsicott has access to, as it prevents setup sweepers such as Kabutops from boosting their stats. As previously mentioned, U-turn allows Whimsicott to switch out once it has set up the sun while Memento allows a sun sweeper a free setup turn. The last slot is a toss-up between Encore, Memento, and Leech Seed. Encore is the recommended option, as it can lock the foe into an unfavorable move, giving Whimsicott more opportunities to set up. Memento is once again an option to give sun sweepers free setup opportunities. Leech Seed can be used, however, to provide a way of healing for Whimsicott and its teammates once it has switched out.

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Other Options

If you thought that Whimsicott's movepool ended there, then you've guessed wrong. Whimsicott has a plethora of other options, but they're relatively poor compared to the options already mentioned. It can use Switcheroo to cripple an opponent with a Choice item or status Orb. Cotton Guard sharply raises Whimsicott's Defense, but Whimsicott doesn't have a lot to do outside of Leech Seed, and will become rather useless. Cotton Spore can be used to lower the opponent's Speed, but Stun Spore is usually better at slowing down the opposition. Fake Tears is a move that lowers the target's Special Defense stat, and can be used to deal more damage with Giga Drain or SolarBeam. An offensive set with Growth, Giga Drain, Hidden Power Rock or Fire, and Shadow Ball will surprise the opponent, but sadly, one Growth won't cure Whimsicott's terrible base 77 Special Attack stat. A Sunny Day set with SolarBeam is also an option, but again, Whimsicott can't put SolarBeam to much use because of its poor Special Attack. Tickle is another move that affects the opponent's stats, lowering the target's Attack and Defense by one stage. Whimsicott has access to Trick Room, but Whimsicott cannot make use of it due to its high Speed. Hurricane can be used to hit opposing Grass-types such as Sceptile, Tangrowth, and Lilligant, but sadly, Whimsicott does not learn Rain Dance so it will be stuck with a 70% accurate move. GrassWhistle, although it has horrible accuracy, can infuriate the opponent if it hits. It is strongly advised to not use the SubSeed combination on Whimsicott under any circumstances, as it is walled by a plethora of Pokemon, mainly Grass-types, and generally ends up being a waste of a teamslot.

Checks and Counters

Pokemon with Sap Sipper, such as Bouffalant, Miltank, and Sawsbuck, are immune to and get an Attack boost if hit by Stun Spore, Leech Seed, and Giga Drain. Cryogonal is another great check, as it can spin away Leech Seed and hit hard with Ice Beam. Roselia completely walls Whimsicott, as it can cure itself of status upon switching out with Natural Cure and can kill Whimsicott with Sludge Bomb; Amoonguss is similar to Roselia, but dislikes being Encored. Escavalier doesn't mind being paralyzed, as it already has terrible Speed, and it can OHKO Whimsicott with a STAB Megahorn. Braviary can OHKO Whimsicott with Brave Bird, U-turn (which will do quite a bit of damage if Whimsicott chooses to stay in) if Whimsicott tries to U-turn or switch out to a Pokemon that beats Braviary, and thanks to Defiant, gets an Attack boost from Memento. Anything that can OHKO Whimsicott will force it to switch out or KO if it uses a support move. This includes Accelgor, Archeops, Drapion, Entei, Galvantula, Jynx, Magmortar, Moltres, Scolipede, Scyther, Sigilyph, and Typhlosion. Rotom-C and Entei can check Whimsicott well, but they dislike paralysis. Thus, Pokemon with Heal Bell, such as Clefable and Miltank, are good at combating Whimsicott as they can rid their team of Whimsicott's paralysis. Pokemon with Natural Cure, such as Altaria and the aforementioned Roselia, also don't mind paralysis, as they will be cured upon switching out. Natu and Pokemon with Magic Coat such as Smeargle can reflect Whimsicott's moves, rendering Whimsicott useless. Lastly, Whimsicott gets worn down easily, especially by entry hazards, as it will be constantly switching in and out. Constant pressure from any of the above Pokemon will lead to Whimsicott's downfall.