Keen Eye
The wielder's accuracy cannot be lowered.
Rain Dish
Heals 1/16 maximum HP in rain.
Type Tier
Water / Flying LC
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 221 284 -
86 96 159 174
86 96 159 174
131 146 209 229
86 96 159 174
185 206 269 295
  • Little Cup


Wingull has a rather unique typing in Water / Flying, which is shared by only a select few Pokemon. This gives Wingull a rather interesting pool of STAB moves to choose from, such as Scald and Hurricane, as well as a good defensive typing bar a glaring weakness to Electric-type attacks. With an acceptable Special Attack stat and a blazing 19 Speed stat, Wingull has sweeping capabilities that are often completely overlooked.

Name Item Ability Nature

Life Orb

Life Orb Rain Dish Timid / Naive
Moveset EVs
~ Scald
~ Ice Beam / Hidden Power Grass
~ Rain Dance / U-turn
~ Hurricane / Air Slash
36 HP / 236 SpA / 236 Spe

This set makes great use of Wingull's top notch Speed stat and good movepool. Scald is Wingull's primary STAB move; it has a respectable Base Power and may even leave the opponent's Pokemon with a burn. Ice Beam pairs excellently with Scald and the moves have good coverage together. Rain Dance is recommended because it works especially well when paired with Hurricane and Scald. It also allows Wingull to recover HP with Rain Dish. A Timid nature and the EV spread provided ensures Wingull is as fast and hard hitting as possible, while a Life Orb helps back up Wingull's average Special Attack stat.

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Other Options

A Choice Specs set is certainly viable for our speedy little bird friend. Brine is an interesting option as it doubles in power if Wingull's foe is below half it's HP, though it's not as reliable as Scald. Hidden Power Fire can be used if Wingull isn't running the Rain Dance moveset, as it allows Wingull to pierce through weakened Ferroseed. Hidden Power Ground can help against Electric-type Pokemon. Wingull has a ton of support options including, but not limited to, Roost, Toxic, Pluck, Rest, Sleep Talk, and Substitute. Wingull also has a few offensive alternatives such as Icy Wind, Ominous Wind, and Blizzard. Quick Attack, though weak, does offer priority for Wingull. Agility finds little use as Wingull is already very fast, but it's there.

Checks and Counters

Chinchou is really the best switch-in to Wingull, resisting both of its STABs and retaliating with a STAB Electric-type move that will clip Wingull's wings instantly. Elekid does a good job as well, but won't be able to switch into Wingull reliably more than once or twice. Bulky Water-type Pokemon such as Slowpoke and Frillish can handle Wingull rather well. Munchlax can sponge Wingull's moves and heavily damage it with its attacks. Wingull is dreadfully weak to Stealth Rock, losing 25% of it's health every time it comes in, so having that on the field helps. Priority moves such as Sucker Punch from Pawniard can quickly halt Wingull's sweeping attempts.