Alerts the wielder to certain dangerous moves.

Grants immunity to damage from weather effects.
Type Tier
Bug / Grass NU
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 135 167 -
71 79 111 122
94 105 137 150
89 99 131 144
112 125 157 172
50 56 88 96


When people think of Wormadam, what usually comes to their mind is something in the same vein as Spinda or Unown. However, with above average defensive stats, respectable power when equipped with Choice Specs, and a type combination shared only by the Parasect and Leavanny lines, Wormadam is actually a force to be reckoned with in RU. Unlike what most would guess, she isn't outclassed by any offensive Grass-type Pokemon at all due to her Bug typing and much higher bulk, allowing her to put some of the most common Pokemon in the tier, such as Crawdaunt, Poliwrath, and Rotom-C, in check. Furthermore, a Choice Specs-boosted Leaf Storm is surprisingly strong, leaving even Pokemon that resist it in a world of pain. Not everything is a bed of roses for Wormadam, though. The typing that sets her apart from other offensive Grass-types also leaves her extremely vulnerable to Fire-, Flying-, Ice-, and Rock-type attacks, all of which are very common in RU. Factor in her low base Speed too, and she becomes relatively easy to revenge kill. Despite all of that, underestimating Wormadam is a huge mistake because she can actually pull her weight in battle.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Specs

Choice Specs Anticipation Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Leaf Storm
~ Giga Drain
~ Signal Beam
~ Hidden Power Rock
216 HP / 252 SpA / 40 Spe

This is Wormadam's only reliable set in RU, which focuses on her usable Special Attack stat, respectable bulk, and typing, all of which give her the opportunity to be easily brought in against common Pokemon in the tier, such as Slowking, and then proceed to wreak havoc. Leaf Storm is her main STAB move, dealing considerable damage even to some of the Pokemon that resist it, such as Rotom-C; its only disadvantage is that it forces her to switch out due to the Special Attack drop it causes. Giga Drain is a more consistent Grass-type STAB attack and can also be used as a form of recovery; however, it should only be used when Leaf Storm's raw power isn't needed anymore, since Wormadam is meant to hit and run. Signal Beam complements her other STAB moves well, hitting the Grass-type Pokemon that resist Grass moves for super effective damage. Hidden Power Rock rounds out Wormadam's coverage, denting the Fire- and Flying-type Pokemon, such as Moltres and Entei, that resist all of her other moves.

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Other Options

Wormadam has a decent list of other options; however, most of them are outclassed by other Pokemon in RU. With access to a recovery move in Synthesis and great bulk, she can run a defensive set, but Tangrowth outclasses Wormadam in that respect. Her physical movepool is interesting, having attacks such as Bug Bite, Seed Bomb, and Sucker Punch, but her base Attack is too low for her to go physical or even mixed. She can run a Life Orb or Leftovers on her only set, but she'll miss lots of important KOs without Choice Specs, making it a bad idea.

Checks and Counters

When countering Wormadam, one should always have in mind that she shouldn't be underestimated, regardless of circumstances. Due to her above average bulk, she can take attacks such as non-STAB Ice Beam and proceed to OHKO the foe. Despite that, she is relatively easy to revenge kill, due to her low base Speed and 4x weaknesses to Fire- and Flying-type moves. Specially defensive Pokemon such as Munchlax, Clefable, and Lickilicky, to an extent, can cripple Wormadam with Toxic, take a Leaf Storm or two, rack up damage on her with their damaging move of choice, and recover their HP back with Rest, Softboiled, and Wish, respectively. Fire- and Flying-types can take Wormadam's STAB attacks and OHKO her right of the bat with their own STAB moves, but they must be wary of Hidden Power Rock. Keeping Stealth Rock on the field ensures that Wormadam will not last long enough to deal damage. Also, since Wormadam is usually Choice-locked into a move, playing around her with resistances is a good idea to compound the residual damage that Stealth Rock causes. Grass-type Pokemon such as Tangrowth and Lilligant can be brought in against Leaf Storm and Giga Drain, but Signal Beam will OHKO most of them. Fighting-type Pokemon such as Hitmonchan can easily take a Signal Beam or two, but Leaf Storm will easily dent them.