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Magic Guard

Spikes, Stealth Rock, burn, poison, Leech Seed, hail, sandstorm, Nightmare, Bad Dreams, Jaboca Berry recoil, Rowap Berry recoil, Life Orb's 10% recoil damage, damage from a Ghost Curse, and regular recoil do no damage to this Pokémon. Struggle's recoil, however, will still damage a Pokémon with Magic Guard. This Pokémon can be poisoned or burned, but it will not take any damage. The Attack drop associated with being burned still applies. Leech Seed will neither damage a Magic Guard Pokémon nor heal its enemy. Pokemon with Magic Guard cannot activate their target's Jaboca or Rowap Berry. Pain Split works normally on Magic Guard Pokemon.

If a Magic Guard Pokemon is under the effects of Toxic poison, their Toxic counter still increases normally, even though they aren't taking damage. This means that if the Pokemon loses Magic Guard, the Toxic damage it receives is the same as it would be getting on that turn if it hadn't had Magic Guard.

Magic Guard Pokemon still take poison damage out of battle.

This Pokemon can be paralyzed, and its Speed will be reduced as for any other Pokemon, but it will never be fully paralyzed.

Pokémon Type Tier Abilities HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe BST
Clefable Normal UU Cute Charm / Magic Guard 95 70 73 85 90 60 473
Cleffa Normal LC Cute Charm / Magic Guard 50 25 28 45 55 15 218