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Air Mail


When either Pokemon is equipped with this item, Trick fails.

Mail with a striped pattern. Allows you to write a message to yourself or a friend.

Competitive Use

Mail is one of the most forgotten items in Pokemon, only used in-game to send love letters to your significant other when trading your favorite Pokemon. Furthermore, the item was not implemented on Shoddy Battle, and its in-battle effect was largely unknown. However, the item may serve a purpose. The appeal of Mail is that it cannot be lost by any means, most notably by Trick (how would your darling love ever get that apology letter you owe her?). As such, a Pokemon who likes to avoid receiving debilitating items may opt to use Mail over standard items. One such Pokemon is Blissey. A common tactic to defeating Blissey is to cripple her with a Choice Scarf, locking her into a support move and rendering her useless for the rest of the match. Blissey holding Mail does not have to worry about gaining such a useless item. However, Blissey often finds herself needing the additional recovery given by Leftovers as to not rely on Softboiled or Wish the whole match. Furthermore, Mail has no actual functionality, making it an inferior item almost all the time.