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Babiri Berry


When this Pokemon is hit by a super effective Steel-type move, the damage is reduced by 50%. This item is consumed during the damage calculation. If this item is recovered via Recycle, it can activate again. Provides a one-time 60 Base Power Steel-type attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

It is rare that a Babiri Berry will be the best choice of item, but it can prove very useful in some situations. Being a damage-reducing Berry, the Babiri Berry is defensive, but it can greatly aid some offensive Pokemon. Specifically, you'll want to use Babiri Berries on Pokemon that take super effective damage from Scizor's Bullet Punch. Tyranitar can Dragon Dance while your opponent switches in Scizor, hoping to Bullet Punch it into oblivion, then take the Bullet Punch with the help of Babiri Berry and KO Scizor with Fire Punch. Mamoswine is another Pokemon that can use Babiri Berry well. Scizor's Bullet Punch is the bane of all Mamoswine, but with this damage-reducing Berry, Mamoswine can take the hit and inflict heavy damage with Earthquake and then follow up with Ice Shard if the situation warrants.