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Black Belt


Raises the power of Fighting-type moves 20% when this item is held.

Competitive Use

Out of all the Fighting-types, Black Belt is most useful on Hitmonchan. Black Belt, coupled with Hitmonchan's Iron Fist and access to STAB Close Combat, Mach Punch, and Focus Punch, allow it to boost the power of these moves even further.

Hitmontop can also use the Black Belt with its Technician ability, but offensive sets are generally better left to other Fighting-types with higher Attack stats. Hitmonlee can use it on the Life Orb set, if you dislike the recoil and don't mind doing 10% less damage. It will boost Close Combat and Mach Punch, although it doesn't help Earthquake and Stone Edge, unlike Life Orb. Don't use this item on the OU fighters, Machamp and Lucario, as they usually run only one Fighting-type move and use the other three slots for coverage.