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Accuracy of attacks against the holder are multiplied by 9/10.

Competitive Use

BrightPowder is often seen on Pokemon who are featured on hail or sandstorm teams.

BrightPowder is often paired up with Substitute, since it gives the user more chances to make the opponent miss without taking direct damage (the 25% Substitute damage is often much less than the potential damage). Once behind a Substitute, the chance of your opponent repeatedly breaking your Substitute without missing is quite low. While the opponent is busy trying to break through your Substitute, the BrightPowder Pokemon can set up or strike with impunity.

Pokemon with the abilities Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are the main users of this item, and even then there are very few who are able of using the item effectively. Cacturne utilizes a combination of Bright Powder, Sand Veil, and Substitute to avoid damage while attempting to sweep with the priority Sucker Punch provides. Froslass, too, hides behind a Substitute, though it focuses primarily on Toxic stalling the opponent. Sandslash is the second Sand Veil abuser that also employs the use of BrightPowder, though it relies on the item more than the previous two Pokemon.

The BrightPowder + evasion ability increases the Pokemon holding the item's evasiveness by 28%, which with Substitute gives a reasonable chance to gain a free turn. However, any strategy that relies on "hax" to be successful can only be counted on for so long. Therefore, if you want a reliable team, it is not recommended to use BrightPowder on any Pokemon who must rely entirely on luck to be successful.