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Custap Berry


The Custap Berry activates when the Pokemon uses a move if the Pokemon began the turn with 25% health or less. On that turn, this Pokemon will move before other Pokemon using moves in the same priority bracket. Higher priority moves will still always go before lower priority moves, regardless of Custap Berry. No effect if consumed by Bug Bite, Fling, or Pluck. Using Pursuit against a Pokemon that is switching out does not activate Custap Berry.

Provides a one-time 80 Base Power Ghost-type attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

There are very few reasons to use the Custap Berry; many times you would choose to use it either for the surprise or if you're making a gimmick team. Most often, Custap Berry is used on a Swords Dance Lickilicky. You Swords Dance once (or twice) while getting hit until you're below 25% and the Berry activates. Next turn, Lickilicky's abysmal Speed stat will be ignored and you'll be able to fire off one of the most powerful Explosions in the game before your opponent can defeat you.

Custap Berry is also useful on slower Destiny Bond Pokemon (Wobbuffet for example). Once your Pokemon is damaged enough to activate the Custap Berry, use Destiny Bond and you'll be able to take your opponent down regardless of how slow your Pokemon is.

Lastly, Custap Berry can be used on slow Baton Passers such as Umbreon. You can set up until the Berry activates, then Baton Pass out before you're defeated.