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If holder's current species is Clamperl, its Special Defense is doubled.

When a Clamperl is traded while holding this item, it evolves into Gorebyss.

Competitive Use

DeepSeaScale is a very overlooked item on Clamperl, as it doesn't increase any of Clamperl's offensive stats; instead, it raises Clamperl's decent Special Defense. In UU, Clamperl's below average Special Defense raises to a considerably high 458 when maximized. On the other hand, Clamperl's Special Defense of 16 in the Little Cup metagame shoots up to a high 32, which is unheard of in the Little Cup metagame. Even though DeepSeaScale enhances Clamperl's hit-taking ability on the special side, its mediocre HP and access to no reliable recovery move outside of Rest really hinders it in both metagames; not to mention its pathetic Speed. Using DeepSeaTooth is almost always the better item to use, as the end result is more satisfying.