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Full Incense


This Pokemon will move last as long as its opponent chooses moves in the same priority bracket. If two Pokemon that are holding Full Incense are out at the same time, the faster Pokemon will move last. If a Pokemon holding Full Incense is facing a Pokemon with the ability Stall, the Pokemon with Full Incense will move last. If a Pokemon with Stall is holding one of these items, Stall is ignored. Full Incense ignores the effects of Trick Room. This item is identical to Lagging Tail.

If Snorlax holds Full Incense while breeding, a Munchlax Egg is created.

Competitive Use

Although it may seem useless to make sure your Pokemon always moves after the opponent, Full Incense still has its uses. First, it allows users of the move Metal Burst to make sure they move last, since it will fail if the user moves before the opponent. It also helps the users of the move U-turn, who can make sure that the Pokemon they are switching to won't get hit on its way in. Finally, Full Incense is an interesting item to Trick for slow Pokemon, such as Bronzong or Metagross, or simply to cripple fast and powerful sweepers.