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Liechi Berry


If the holders Attack can be raised, it is raised one stage when HP falls to 25% or less. One-time use.

Provides a one-time 80 Base Power Grass-type attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

Liechi Berry is one of a variety of items known as "pinch Berries". It provides a +1 boost in Attack at the end of a turn in which the Pokemon hits ≤ 25% HP. It is used most often on Substitute setup sweepers and Baton Passers. The game plan is generally to Substitute over and over again until the boost is activated; then, it is either Baton Passed to a recipient, along with (hopefully) a Substitute, or used to sweep.

Many Pokemon appreciate the boost in power, and Pokemon not carrying Attack-boosting moves that can instead increase their Speed can make particularly good use of it. Ideally, Substitute sweepers will have both a boost and a Substitute at the end of the process, giving them two shots to hit much more powerfully.

With the prevalence of priority attacks (e.g. Scizor's Bullet Punch and Lucario's ExtremeSpeed) in the metagame, however, the weakened Liechi sweeper may be picked off before it gets a chance to attack, making it relatively useless. The opponent may set up themselves while it Substitutes down, or bring in a phazer to remove the boosts. Liechi is single-use, and the user will be so weakened during activating it that it will be unlikely to come in again. Lastly, Liechi will only hit as hard as a Choice Bander, although with the ability to switch attacks.

When EVing a Pokemon designed to hold Liechi, consider making its HP even; although more often than not sandstorm, hail, or entry hazards will interfere with this, it allows it to activate Liechi after three Substitutes instead of four, leaving it at 25% health instead of 1%.