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Light Clay


If the holder uses Reflect or Light Screen, then it will last for eight turns, instead of the usual five. This also works even after the holder switches out. Safeguard and Tailwind do not get the turn boost.

Competitive Use

Light Clay is normally held by Pokemon setting up both Reflect and Light Screen. These two moves double the user's team's Special Defense and Defense, respectively, for five turns when the user is not equipped with Light Clay. Light Clay prolongs the effects of these moves for an extra three turns. Light Clay is generally found on sturdier Pokemon, such as Bronzong and Jirachi; however, faster Pokemon, such as Azelf, are useful for their ability to set up a screen before being hit by the opponent's attack.

The extra turns afforded by Light Clay are normally used for setting up threatening sweepers such as Swords Dance Lucario, Dragon Dance Gyarados, Dragon Dance Dragonite, or Agility Metagross. One popular strategy that utilizes dual screens and Light Clay involves Exploding with the Pokemon that set up dual screens (usually Azelf), sending out a Pokemon with Baton Pass and a stat boosting move (Gliscor with Swords Dance and Agility), and passing to a sturdy Pokemon with strong offensive presence (Metagross).

Defensively, the extra Reflect and Light Screen turns provided by Light Clay can be used to set up Spikes, Stealth Rock, or Toxic Spikes with sturdy Pokemon, such as Forretress and Roserade. The defensive boost offered by Reflect and Light Clay will often provide Forretress with just enough time to set up all three layers of Spikes, Stealth Rock, or Toxic Spikes. Reflect and Light Screen also allow slower stall teams to more effectively handle faster, threatening offensive Pokemon, such as Infernape.

Although longer lasting Reflect and Light Screen are welcome, the Pokemon that set them up lose out on the ability to use other items. Bronzong and Jirachi will sorely miss Leftovers, an item which allows them to more easily switch into Dragonite and Tyranitar repeatedly. Azelf also loses the safety of Focus Sash, which would normally guarantee its ability to set up Stealth Rock.