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Micle Berry


When the holder's HP falls to 1/4 or less, this Berry is consumed and the holder's next used move will always hit. Micle Berry ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers. If the target uses Detect or Protect the turn after the Micle Berry activates, then any attack by the user that turn has 100 - Accuracy chance to break through Detect or Protect. This ability to break through Detect and Protect does not apply to Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold.

Provides a one-time 80 power Rock attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

Although it is illegal to use OHKO attacks in standard play, Micle Berry's accuracy modifier would be a very strong asset to this strategy should the OHKO Clause be removed for whatever reason. A combination of Substitute, an OHKO attack, and Micle Berry would nearly guarantee one KO per game, assuming the opponent does not choose Protect or Detect. Although the Pokemon who have OHKO attacks are rare and those who could potentially pull off such a set are even rarer, such a strategy could be quite effective (outside of competitive play, of course).

In today's metagame, however, Micle Berry is rarely—if ever—seen since few Pokemon carry moves with extremely low accuracy. Since these moves are the only ones that would make Micle Berry viable, it has fallen by the wayside and is typically replaced by items that benefit a Pokemon's strategy longer than one attack. Pokemon who utilize pinch Berries would be better off obtaining long-lasting stat boosts from the likes of Liechi, Petaya, and Salac, since their lingering effects allow for a much easier sweep. Those Pokemon who do not rely on such a strategy will use Leftovers, Life Orb, or a Choice item instead, forgoing the high risk, high reward idea of Micle Berry + low accuracy attack in favor of multiple boosted hits from a more accurate, less powerful attack.