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Rindo Berry


When this Pokemon is hit by a super effective Grass-type move, the damage is reduced by 50%. This item is consumed during the damage calculation. If this item is recovered via Recycle, it can activate again. Provides a one-time 60 Base Power Grass-type attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

Type-resist Berries are used to allow a Pokemon to survive through a common weakness while it sets up or KOes in return. They are often used on leads to ensure an entry hazard, but they can be used as a niche item for walls such as Swampert, whose only weakness is Grass.

Rindo Berry is rarely seen, so the element of surprise will almost always ensure it accomplishes what the user sets out to do. This could be phazing something that carries Hidden Power Grass, or more directly striking back with Mirror Coat for the KO; examples of attacks it can survive and deal enough damage back to KO include max Special Attack Grass Knot from Celebi and Life Orb Hidden Power Grass / Grass Knot from Heatran, Infernape, and Jolteon. With a decent amount of Special Defense investment, it can even survive Celebi's Leaf Storm, and only marginal EVs are required to survive Specs Hidden Power Grass from Heatran, Jolteon, and other similar Pokemon.

However, the defensive Pokemon that will be using it (Swampert) or offensive (in some cases, Manaphy in Ubers) will have a hard time sacrificing their item slot for a single-use item; both want either Leftovers or, in Manaphy's situation, Life Orb. Swampert cannot switch in on any of these Grass-type moves as they will outspeed to hit again, and Rindo Berry will hardly protect the likes of Manaphy from Grass Arceus; while it can deal with walls well enough, it can't switch in on resisted hits as easily, as it will incur enough damage to keep it in KO range. After Swampert uses up its Rindo Berry, it will be left on low health, and it lacks reliable recovery. Many stronger attacks still OHKO it if it switches in on Spikes or is poisoned, so Rindo Berry Swampert is by no means very consistent without Special Defense EVs.

There are few Pokemon which can make good use of this item, and the best two have been outlined above. Grass is not a common offensive type and there are not many Pokemon which really benefit from this Berry, but on the plus side many sweepers do spare a slot for Hidden Power Grass to defeat Swampert, from Zapdos to Celebi, and unprepared opponents can lose their momentum if taken by surprise. Rindo Berry Swampert also makes for a decent lead, as it beats Celebi and walls most other leads, bar Explosion.