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Salac Berry


If the holders Speed can be raised, it is raised one stage when HP falls to 25% or less. One-time use.

Provides a one-time 80 Base Power Fighting-type attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

Like many pinch Berries, the Salac Berry is usually held by Substitute-using, boosting sweepers. The pairing of Salac Berry with Substitute has led to the moniker SubSalac. Since Substitute takes 25% health from its user, a Pokemon could theoretically obtain multiple stat boosts and +1 Speed while hiding safely behind a Substitute.

Another strategy coupled with Salac Berry involves Endure and Reversal. By increasing their Speed by one stage, these Pokemon can thoroughly sweep teams lacking priority. While useful, this strategy is fairly obvious and many teams are able to "nip it in the bud" via harmful weather effects or status.

The usefulness of Salac Berry has been lessened by the prevalence of priority and Choice Scarf in today's metagame. Priority renders Speed boosts useless, while most Pokemon using Choice Scarf will outpace other +1 Pokemon with ease. Still, Salac Berry sees usage thanks to its ease of use and traditional success.