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Shuca Berry


When this Pokemon is hit by a super effective Ground-type move, the damage is reduced by 50%. This item is consumed during the damage calculation. If this item is recovered via Recycle, it can activate again. Provides a one-time 60 Base Power Ground-type attack when a Pokemon holding this item uses Natural Gift.

Competitive Use

Shuca Berry is very useful on the Ground-type weak Pokemon, namely Heatran, Metagross, and Empoleon. The lead that troubles them all is Swampert. Heatran and Empoleon can defeat it by surviving an Earthquake with Shuca Berry and retaliate with Hidden Power Grass or Grass Knot, respectively. Metagross doesn't need to to KO Swampert, as its primary role is a suicide lead; it survives an Earthquake from Swampert and can then Stealth Rock. Shuca Berry Heatran also uses the Berry to bluff a Choice Scarf, helping it find ample time to set up Stealth Rock. Similarly, when Heatran uses Fire Blast, the foe might send in their sweeper, attempt to set up, and then watch then watch it get blown to smithereens by Heatran's Explosion. All in all, it can be used to bluff items, aid suicide leads to find a turn (or two), and to set up Stealth Rock.