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Silk Scarf


Raises the power of Normal-type moves 20% when this item is held.

Competitive Use

Although items that boost the power of attacks based on type are typically ignored, Silk Scarf has proven to be a very viable item choice for a variety of Pokemon. Many of these Pokemon, such as Ambipom, Bibarel, and Linoone, use this item to increase damage output without suffering from Life Orb recoil. As you may also have noted, all three of these Pokemon's strategies are focused on using a single, Normal-type priority move. Combined with STAB and lack of recoil, Silk Scarf-boosted ExtremeSpeeds, Fake Outs, and Quick Attacks are very comparable to their Life Orb-boosted bretheren. By using these attacks only, Silk Scarf becomes the superior item choice.

Basically, the only Pokemon who should be holding this item are those whose strategies force them to use mostly Normal-type attacks. Simply placing a Silk Scarf on a standard sweeper with one Normal-type attack is mostly useless, since their other attacks miss out on a power boost. Even the Pokemon mentioned previously don't carry Silk Scarf on every set; it loses usefulness once these Pokemon change their strategies. Therefore, it's recommended that Silk Scarf is only held by Pokemon with highly specialized movesets with Normal-type attacks at its core.