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Raises the power of Bug-type moves 20% when this item is held.

Competitive Use

SilverPowder is an item that really should only be used in niche circumstances. The reasoning for this is because few Pokemon use Bug-type attacks, and those that do use them hardly ever use attacks solely of that type. The exception to this rule is Venomoth, who can run a support set with only Bug Buzz and U-turn as attack options.

Venomoth may be the only viable holder of SilverPowder, due to both its moveset strategy and its rather rare ability, Tinted Lens. Since sweeping isn't the Screech set's main strategy, it is acceptable for Venomoth to use only Bug-type attacks. These attacks, when paired with Tinted Lens and SilverPowder, will be doing enough damage to actually make Venomoth troublesome. Add SilverPowder to any of Venomoth's other sets and you'll see its usefulness greatly diminished. Even the other Pokemon with Tinted Lens, Yanmega and Illumise, can't use it effectively; they aren't able to pull off the same strategy as Venomoth. In short, only use this item when the more conventional item choices (Leftovers, Life Orb, Choice items, and the like) fail to provide the same effects SilverPowder does.