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White Herb


If the holder has a stat stage below zero, the item is consumed and all stat stages below zero are raised to zero. This effect will occur regardless of which player's Pokemon caused the decrease.

If this item is Tricked onto a Pokemon with a stat drop, the stat drop is immediately negated.

Competitive Use

Erasing stat drops is very appealing for certain sweeper strategies. The two strategies that benefit the most from this item are Pokemon utilizing Curse and Pokemon using stat-reducing attacks.

While Curse is normally left to naturally slow Pokemon, such as Snorlax or Umbreon, combining it with White Herb results in +1 Attack and Defense without a Speed drop. This greatly increases the number of Pokemon who can use Curse, adding speedy threats, like Aerodactyl, to the list. Unfortunately, these Pokemon rarely want to give up their conventional items in exchange for a item that is consumed after use. In Aerodactyl's case, even +1 Defense is no match for boosting sweepers like Gyarados and Dragonite, nor is it very capable of enduring Scizor's Bullet Punch.

The use of high Base Power attacks is popular in today's metagame. Attacks like Overheat, Draco Meteor, and Leaf Storm all see high usage, although their secondary effects oftentimes leave the user too weak to do much of anything. By holding White Herb, these Pokemon can rid themselves of this effect once, helping them plow through the opponent's team with 140 Base Power moves without switching out. The downside to this is a lack of Leftovers, Life Orb, or Choice item benefits, all of which tend to outclass White Herb's effect.

Also, since White Herb can only be used once, sweepers will see a reduction in sweeping potential after attacking twice, as they will be left with a -2 offensive stat and no item.