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Wise Glasses


Raises the damage from special attacks by 10%.

Competitive Use

The boost provided by Wise Glasses is small, but it is reliable in that it is always provided for all special attacks, and so can be a good item choice for special sweepers. However, it is often overlooked for Life Orb, which provides a considerably greater boost to the damage of both physical and special attacks, and even Expert Belt and the Arceus Plates, which give greater boosts in specific circumstances. Probably the best reason to use Wise Glasses over Life Orb is because of the lack of recoil damage. Many players, when they see no recovery from Leftovers or recoil damage from Life Orb, automatically assume that the opposing Pokemon is holding a Choice item and is therefore locked into a single attack. This can be used to one's advantage by using Wise Glasses on a special sweeper, getting surprise KOs by switching moves when an opponent fully expects you to be Choiced and switch out to a resist.