Type changes depending on the held plate. Prevents item loss.
Type Tier
Electric Uber
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 381 444 -
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
  • Uber


That pulsating, tingling sensation you are feeling right now isn't a coincidence. Behold! The master of the world crackles with excitement with the Zap Plate attached to His hide. Electric Arceus wields near-perfect neutral coverage with just His mighty Judgment and Ice Beam, forcing any adversary to cower with fear as little children do at the sound of thunder. And with only a single weakness to the Ground-type to short-circuit His presence on the battlefield, the creator has little to fear once He has boosted enough times with Calm Mind. Just be wary of Groudon stealing your rain if using the mighty Thunder, and the power of the speedy Garchomp, and you'll find that there is shockingly little that can stop Electric Arceus from taking the Uber tier by storm.

Name Item Nature

Calm Mind

Zap Plate Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Judgment / Thunder
~ Ice Beam
~ Recover
100 HP / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe

Out of all the different formes of Arceus, none are as offensively oriented as Electric Arceus. Electric is a fantastic typing to have, bringing only one weakness, and hence allowing Electric Arceus to exploit its natural bulk. Electric-type STAB is also very useful in Ubers as few Pokemon are immune to it. Although Judgment is preferred for its better accuracy, Thunder provides a more powerful alternative and is especially useful if rain support can be provided. Judgment and Ice Beam have unparalleled coverage in the tier, hitting many Ubers for super effective damage, including Giratina(-O), Garchomp, Groudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Salamence. Also, Electric Arceus is one of the few Calm Mind Arceus variants capable of beating Ho-Oh and Kyogre one-on-one. Lastly, Recover allows Arceus to set up much more easily and works very well thanks to Arceus's magnificent bulk.

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Other Options

Grass Knot can be used to destroy any Groudon hoping to wall Electric Arceus and has a slim chance of OHKOing after a Calm Mind. Grass Knot also gets a stronger hit on Ground Arceus, but Ice Beam is usually the better option since it will easily OHKO Garchomp and Rayquaza, the former of which can be a major threat to Electric Arceus. Earth Power can be used to deal with Heatran, Magnezone, and Tyranitar, but the moves listed in the set are generally superior.

Checks and Counters

Groudon is public enemy number one, as it is immune to Electric-type attacks and gets rid of the rain. It also OHKOes Arceus with Earthquake. However, even Groudon must be careful because Arceus outruns it and a boosted Ice Beam does 65.8% - 77.7% to support variants, meaning that Groudon can't take much prior damage. Garchomp is faster and can destroy Arceus with Earthquake while being immune to Judgment and Thunder. Again, Garchomp must be wary of switching into Ice Beam. Blissey can stop Electric Arceus cold if it lacks Substitute. Arceus's gimped Speed stat is also one of its weak points, leaving it prone to being revenge killed by all Pokemon above the base 100 Speed tier.