Type changes depending on the held plate. Prevents item loss.
Type Tier
Ice Uber
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 381 444 -
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
248 276 339 372
  • Uber


With the attachment of the Icicle Plate the Creator has turned frigid and exhausted His attachment to the world around Him. With cold-hearted eyes Arceus gazes over His ruinous creation and declares an omnipotent, hyperborean Judgment on all Pokemon who tremble before Him, devastating the terrain and leaving behind only a petrified tundra. While this glacial visage of Arceus cannot boast the same defensive typing that others can, it can boast one of the most offensive forms this divine creature can take. Stand before this majestic beast if you dare, but if you do not have a will of steel prepare to be eradicated.

Name Item Nature

Calm Mind

Icicle Plate Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Judgment
~ Thunder
~ Recover / Earth Power / Flamethrower
100 HP / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe

With no strong physical STAB move and Ice's weaknesses to common attacking types (Rock-, Fighting-, and Fire-type moves), a special sweeper set is the best option for Ice Arceus. Despite its weaknesses, Arceus's great offensive typing and access to Judgment and Thunder give it the ability to be a very potent special sweeper. With its natural bulk, Arceus can take hits pretty well despite its horrible defensive typing. Its stats and EVs also allow this Arceus to hit a Speed of 331, allowing it to outrun positively-natured Base 100 Pokemon. However, the true beauty of this Arceus is in its Judgment, which with the Icicle Plate attached becomes a 180 BP Ice move (factoring in STAB and Icicle Plate boost) that hits 14 Uber Pokemon for super effective and is resisted by only six. Add Thunder to the set and you get the BoltBeam combo that has perfect neutral coverage except for against Lanturn, Magnezone, and Shedinja. Add the ability to boost Special Attack and Special Defense simultaneously and a reliable recovery move and you have an excellent late-game sweeper.

While this set maybe seem to be outclassed by other Arceus due to its poor defensive typing and weakness to Stealth Rock, it has several important jobs it can do. It has the ever prominent BoltBeam combo, while the only other Arceus who can pull BoltBeam off as successfully is Electric Arceus. Unlike Electric Arceus, it is also among one of the few Calm Mind Arceus sets that is able to beat the Lati twins when fought one-on-one.

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Other Options

Ice Beam can replace Judgment. While this change reduces the damage output, it does give Arceus a 10% chance to freeze the opponent's Pokemon in any weather but sun. Even though the damage change seems minimal, Judgment is still recommended over Ice Beam because it has a higher chance of obtaining some important OHKOs and 2HKOs. For example, Judgment gives Arceus a ~30% higher chance to OHKO Latias and Giratina after 1 Calm Mind (factoring Stealth Rock damage), while also guaranteeing a OHKO on Latios after 1 Calm Mind without Stealth Rock damage. Judgment also allows Arceus to 2HKO Wobbuffet ~98.9% of the time after Stealth Rock, as well as giving Arceus a ~25% chance to 2HKO without Stealth Rock, something Ice Beam cannot do. While the 10% chance to freeze is tempting, Judgment is still recommended as Arceus's primary choice.

Checks and Counters

Without Flamethrower or Earth Power, Ice Arceus is easily countered by Steel-type Pokemon. There are some Steel-type Pokemon that can counter Arceus even when it runs Flamethrower or Earth Power. Thanks to Choice Scarf Jirachi's Speed, it can easily outrun Arceus and hit it with Iron Head. While Iron Head is a 3HKO (~0.06% of a 2HKO) without Stealth Rock, Iron Head can cause Arceus to flinch and Arceus can only OHKO with Flamethrower in the sun. If Arceus is not running Flamethrower, all Uber Scizor sets are at best 2HKOed by +1 Thunder, while the Choice Band, Swords Dance, and Trapper sets can all 2HKO Arceus with Bullet Punch. Without Earth Power all, Heatran sets walk right over Arceus, taking anything Arceus can throw at it and retaliating with Flamethrower. Without Flamethrower, Bronzong can take Judgment and Thunder, while being immune to Earth Power and being able to 2HKO with Gyro Ball. Other than Steel-types though, there are only a few Pokemon that give Ice Arceus trouble. Arceus is only able to beat Ho-Oh in the rain. In any other weather Ho-Oh can do 90.1% - 106.4% to Arceus with Sacred Fire, while Arceus has no reliable move to hit back with. In the rain however, Sacred Fire only does 49.5% - 58.4% and Arceus can 2HKO with Thunder. Without Substitute, Blissey can outstall Arceus with Toxic and Wish / Softboiled.