Speed doubles in sun.
Type Tier
Grass / Poison LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
12 14 17 18
9 10 13 14
11 13 16 17
8 9 12 13
9 10 13 14
  • Little Cup


In Little Cup, Bellsprout is quite the underestimated threat. It is an absolute beast with Sunny Day on the field, thanks to its ability Chlorophyll, and should be considered a premier choice as a Sunny Day sweeper. It also has a decent typing, but unfortunately suffers from poor defenses. Though its offensive movepool is poor, it gets just enough coverage for it to succeed. All in all, Bellsprout is a unique Pokémon that should be seen on every Sunny Day team.

Name Item Nature

Sun Physical Attacker

Life Orb Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Swords Dance
~ Seed Bomb
~ Sucker Punch
~ Sleep Powder
36 HP / 236 Atk / 36 SpD / 196 Spe

This is the most dangerous set Bellsprout is capable of running. Thanks to its Chlorophyll ability, Bellsprout hits 28 Speed in sunlight, which allows it to tie with Timid Choice Scarf Abra. With all that Speed, Bellsprout will easily be able to put an opponent to sleep with Sleep Powder, enabling it to safely set up with Swords Dance. Not many Pokémon can withstand a +2 Seed Bomb, so most will attempt to take Bellsprout out with priority. However, Bellsprout still has a secret weapon at its disposal - Sucker Punch. Since there are essentially zero Pokémon with enough Speed to tie with Bellsprout that carry a priority attack, Bellsprout is extremely hard to revenge kill after a Swords Dance.

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Name Item Nature

Sun Special Attacker

Life Orb Timid
Moveset EVs
~ SolarBeam
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Weather Ball / Hidden Power Ice
~ Sleep Powder / Synthesis
76 Def / 196 SpA / 36 SpD / 196 Spe

While most players think of Bellsprout as primarily a physical sweeper, its Special Attack is also a very formidable weapon. With Sunny Day in play, Bellsprout reaches a ridiculous 28 Speed, easily outpacing the unboosted metagame and most of the +1 speed tier. SolarBeam gets STAB and fires off in one turn when Sunny Day is up, and any Pokémon that doesn't resist it will be taking heavy damage (SolarBeam even has a chance of 2HKOing Munchlax through Oran Berry if Stealth Rock is up). Sludge Bomb is a secondary STAB that pairs well with Solarbeam, as it hits Grass-type Pokemon for super effective damage. Weather Ball is preferred over Hidden Power Fire in the third slot because Weather Ball's Base Power is boosted to 100 with Sunny Day up. Weather Ball allows Bellsprout to beat Bronzor, while Hidden Power Ice hits Hippopotas on the switch for big damage. Finally, the last move boils down to personal preference. Sleep Powder is preferred as it allows Bellsprout to put Snover and other would-be checks to sleep, but Synthesis heals 2/3 of Bellsprout's health in Sunny Day, which is nice as a way to offset the damage from Life Orb and priority attacks. A Life Orb is highly recommended since Bellsprout needs to hit as hard as possible with its attacks. A Timid nature, with 196 EVs, allows Bellsprout to hit 14 Speed, or 28 in Sunny Day. Special Attack is also maximized, and the leftover EVs net you an extra point in both Defense and Special Defense.

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Name Item Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Energy Ball
~ Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground
~ Sleep Powder
36 HP / 200 SpA / 36 SpD / 200 Spe

Because Bellsprout hits 21 Speed with a Choice Scarf while having impressive Special Attack, it can effectively run a Choice Scarf set. Sludge Bomb is its primary STAB, as it does decent amounts of damage to Pokémon that don't resist it, excluding Munchlax. Energy Ball is a good secondary STAB that pairs up nicely with Sludge Bomb. Hidden Power Fire is a good move to use alongside Energy Ball, as they get good coverage with each other, and Hidden Power Fire prevents Bronzor from completely walling Bellsprout. However, Hidden PowerGround can be used over HP Fire to dent grounded Poison- and Steel-types, but you lose coverage on Bronzor. Since it hits 21 Speed thanks to Choice Scarf, Bellsprout can beat out the entire unboosted metagame, including Elekid and Voltorb. Sleep Powder gets the nod in the final slot, because it has the ability to incapacitate a would-be counter (such as Munchlax). Bellsprout's Special Attack and Speed are maximized, with an extra point going into HP and Special Defense, for equal defenses.

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Other Options

Energy Ball is a potential SolarBeam replacement on the Special Sunny Day sweeper set. Though Bellsprout would lose out on the potential 2HKO on Munchlax, it wouldn't be completely screwed over if Snover switches in. Bellsprout has access to Sunny Day, but doesn't have the room nor the bulk to use it effectively. This pretty much also goes for the rest of Bellsprout's support movepool - Encore, Reflect, Stun Spore, and Toxic are all great moves, but Bellsprout doesn't have enough bulk to use these moves well.

Bellsprout can also run a decent mixed Sunny Day or Choice Scarf set, to act as a decent wallbreaker, but the pure physical/special set is usually going to be better for both. It can run a potential double powder set with Sleep Powder and Stun Spore, but again, doesn't have the bulk (or Speed) to use it well. Bellsprout also gets Giga Drain, but the extra power from Energy Ball is preferred.

Checks and Counters

As far as counters go, Snover is probably one of the best. As long as it avoids Sludge Bomb on the switch, Snover can smack Bellsprout with a Blizzard. In addition, Snover ends Sunny Day and kicks up hail thanks to its Snow Warning ability, bringing Bellsprout's Speed back down to 14. Hippopotas also ends Sunny Day, but must switch out immediately if it switches into SolarBeam. Gastly beats the special sets if Sleep Powder misses, and even the physical set with some prediction. Mankey is immune to Sleep Powder, and OHKOes Bellsprout with Ice Punch. Choice Scarf Magby and Gligar can both Speed tie Bellsprout in the sun and KO (if they win the tie) with their STABs.

The best way to beat the physical set is to allow one of your Pokémon to absorb Sleep Powder, and then send in a Bronzor. Aron is also a great answer to physical Bellsprout, as it can set up with Rock Polish and OHKO with Head Smash.