Boosts power of Water-type moves 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Type Tier
Water UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 299 362 -
181 202 265 291
212 236 299 328
185 206 269 295
221 246 309 339
172 192 255 280


Despite competition from bulkier Water-types and a plethora of Rapid Spin users, Blastoise remains a strong Pokemon of the UU tier. Its main use is as a bulky spinner, which it does very well with its strong defenses and great Water typing. Its excellent movepool allows it to serve other functions, from utilizing offensive Choice items to stalling opponents out with Toxic. Sadly, Blastoise is weakened by its lack of a reliable recovery move and weakness to Thunderbolt, a move commonly found on many spinblockers, such as Rotom. It is also checked by the numerous UU Grass-types, namely Leafeon, Venusaur, and Sceptile. Even with its flaws, Blastoise is still a staple Pokemon of the UU tier.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Surf
~ Ice Beam / Foresight
~ Rapid Spin
~ Roar / Rest
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA

Blastoise is one of a handful of Pokemon gifted with the ever-useful Rapid Spin, and because of its bulk and great defensive typing, it can easily find opportunities to use it. It has little trouble switching in on common walls and using Rapid Spin to blow away any entry hazards. In addition to Rapid Spin, it has a number of good options for further team support such as Roar, as well as good offensive type coverage provided by Surf and Ice Beam. Blastoise makes a great teammate because of its versatility and ability to deal with a large variety of Pokemon.

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Name Item Nature

RestTalk Shuffler

Leftovers Bold
Moveset EVs
~ Surf
~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Roar
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA

This set takes a completely different approach to using Blastoise, while allowing it to keep its defensive role. The "RestTalk" strategy not only gives Blastoise a way to heal itself but also allows it to absorb the status moves it normally loathes. Meanwhile, Roar is used to shuffle opponents, allowing entry hazards to take their toll while Blastoise tanks hits. Roar also makes Blastoise extremely difficult to set up on, which opponents will inevitably attempt to do once Blastoise uses Rest. Conveniently, Sleep Talk also overrides Roar's -5 priority, meaning it can phaze slower opponents before they can attack. Surf's STAB and neutral type coverage make it a great attack to use with this set, allowing Blastoise to wear down opponents in its sleep.

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Name Item Nature

Tortoise of Choice

Choice Specs / Choice Scarf Timid / Modest
Moveset EVs
~ Water Spout / Hydro Pump
~ Ice Beam
~ Hidden Power Grass
~ Surf / Rapid Spin
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Although slapping Choice Specs on Blastoise may seem like an awkward fit, when paired with its recent acquisition, Water Spout, it makes for a very potent combination. Water Spout is a move that, despite its awesome power, is very rarely seen outside of the Uber tier, which is mostly attributable to the low Speed of its two NU owners: Octillery and Wailord. Blastoise, however, is not only considerably faster than these two but also is primarily used as a defensive Pokemon, giving it the surprise factor that its counterparts lack.

The beauty of this set lies not in its raw attacking power but instead in its ability to lure in and destroy UU's top spinblockers; Rotom, Mismagius, and Spiritomb. When your opponent has Stealth Rock up in the early-game, switching in Blastoise will immediately coax out their spinblocker and allow Blastoise to KO it with Water Spout. Quickly dispensing of these Pokemon will allow Rapid Spin users such as Donphan and Claydol to perform their jobs with ease. As demonstrated by the damage calculations below, standard variants of Rotom and Mismagius will be OHKOed after Stealth Rock damage, while most Spiritomb will take massive damage and be primed for an easy 2HKO.

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Other Options

Blastoise has a few handy options that have yet to be mentioned. Haze can get rid of stat boosts, but it is usually overshadowed by Milotic in this department. Another rather gimmicky option is Counter and Mirror Coat, allowing Blastoise to score a surprise KO on an unsuspecting opponent. It can survive most non-STABed Grass and Electric attacks, making Mirror Coat a good option if you are willing to allow Blastoise to take the hit. Meanwhile, it is very difficult for opponents to OHKO Blastoise through physical attacks, so Counter allows Blastoise to bounce back those attacks for heavy damage. Blastoise also carries some nifty physical moves such as Waterfall, Ice Punch, and Earthquake, but these should be avoided as Azumarill, Feraligatr, and Kabutops completely outclass it in this department; however, Blastoise has the element of surprise on its side with these attacks, if nothing else.

Checks and Counters

Despite its unimpressive defenses, Rotom is a great counter to Blastoise, as it blocks Rapid Spin and can threaten Blastoise with Thunderbolt and Trick. The same can be said for Mismagius, as it usually carries Thunderbolt. Spiritomb can also get in Blastoise's way, but it won't be happy if it gets hit with Toxic. Grass-types are another huge threat to Blastoise in UU, namely Sceptile, Venusaur, and Leafeon. Venusaur can switch in on Blastoise the easiest, as it does not fear Toxic. If Blastoise lacks Rest, Toxic from the likes of Uxie and Milotic will make sure it does not stick around much longer. Lanturn will not enjoy Toxic, but can switch in easily and defeat Blastoise with Thunderbolt. Chansey can switch in on Blastoise at any time and wall it to no end. Substitute users, such as Toxicroak, Feraligatr, and Azumarill, can all set up on Blastoise if it lacks Haze and Roar. RestTalk stat boosters, such as Calm Mind Spiritomb and Curse Registeel, also give Blastoise trouble, as they can shrug off any inflicted status from it. Toxicroak is a big threat because it absorbs Surf thanks to Dry Skin and is immune to Poison, rendering Blastoise's two greatest offensive moves useless. Blastoise's final flaw is the lack of an instant recovery move, meaning that you can keep chipping away at it, but Blastoise can also do the same to you, so beware.