Raises the power of Grass-type moves 50% when at 1/3 HP or less.
Type Tier
Grass / Poison LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
9 11 14 15
9 11 14 15
11 13 16 17
11 13 16 17
9 11 14 15
  • Little Cup


Seeing as it's the #1 Pokemon in National Dex order, you might expect Bulbasaur to be the best Pokemon in the history of forever. Unfortunately, this is not so, and Bulbasaur would need a lot of work on its stats and movepool before it has a chance at the top. As it is though, Bulbasaur can still work very well under the right circumstances, and, at least in Little Cup, actually make good use of what it already has.

Name Item Nature

Choice Scarf

Choice Scarf Modest / Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Sleep Powder
~ Sludge Bomb
~ Leaf Storm
~ Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Fire
236 SpA / 236 Spe

The purpose of this set is to function as an effective revenge killer and a good late-game sweeper. Sleep Powder may seem a bit odd on a Choice set since Bulbasaur has to switch out as soon as it uses it. However, with a Choice Scarf, Bulbasaur outspeeds all unboosted Pokemon in Little Cup, practically guaranteeing that it cripples an opposing Pokemon on a consistent basis. Sludge Bomb is a very strong and reliable STAB attack, and it is the preferred attacking option on this set. Leaf Storm is an even more powerful STAB, but it gets much weaker each time it's used, which can leave Bulbasaur open to being set up on. Together, Bulbasaur's STABs have less than ideal coverage, so Hidden Power is there to round out what Sludge Bomb and Leaf Storm can't hit. Hidden Power Ground is used to hit Steel-types, such as Aron and Magnemite, while Hidden Power Fire is almost exclusively for Bronzor. A Modest nature gives a bit of an extra pop to Bulbasaur's attacks, and this can be crucial in securing KOs in many different situations. Due to the abundance of Choice Scarf users in Little Cup, however, a Timid nature is fine to outpace a great deal of them.

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Other Options

Bulbasaur can actually run a decent Curse set thanks to its access to Sleep Powder, a strong physical STAB in Power Whip, and an above-average Special Defense. A physical or mixed Choice set can also be viable. Growth could possibly make a decent option on Bulbasaur; however, it's very difficult to set up, and Bulbasaur just doesn't have enough Speed to make good use of it. Finally, thanks to Bulbasaur's above-average defenses and typing, it can potentially make a good SubSeeder.

Checks and Counters

Thanks to Bulbasaur's Sleep Powder, almost nothing can come in with no potential consequences if Sleep Clause has not yet been activated. Because of this, the best way to counter Choice Scarf Bulbasaur is through prediction. Try to switch Grass- and Fire-types in on Leaf Storms, and when you think a Sludge Bomb is coming, Water-, Ground-, and Steel-types are the best switch-ins. Factoring out Sleep Powder, Bronzor is Bulbasaur's best counter, being immune to Sludge Bomb and Hidden Power Ground and resisting Leaf Storm.