Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
This Pokémon both is unaffected by and will not utilize held items.
Type Tier
Normal LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 22 25 -
11 13 16 17
9 10 14 15
9 10 14 15
10 12 15 16
13 15 18 19
  • Little Cup


Buneary is a cute little Pokemon whose ability, Klutz, makes it difficult to play against. With access to moves like Switcheroo, Fake Out, Baton Pass, and Encore, Buneary can run a multitude of sets that can cripple leads, sweepers, walls, or set your own sweeper up with ease. Buneary is not without faults, however; with no effective way to hit Ghost-types for super effective damage, Buneary must rely on Encore to counter stat-up moves or simply Baton Pass out. In the end, Buneary can run a vast variety of sets, ranging from Baton Passer to Fake Out lead, and can easily find its way onto any type of team.

Name Item Ability Nature

Attacking Lead

Focus Sash / Life Orb Run Away Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Fake Out
~ Quick Attack
~ Ice Punch / Fire Punch
~ Endeavor / Protect / Encore
228 Atk / 4 Def / 236 Spe

Lead Buneary has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to other common Fake Out leads such as Aipom and Meowth. The biggest advantages are its access to Quick Attack and Endeavor. Disadvantages include lack of the ability Technician, which boosts moves with 60 or less Base Power, as well as it lacking a move that hits Ghost-type switch-ins for super effective damage. However, Buneary does have access to a few moves that neither Aipom nor Meowth have. With Endeavor, Quick Attack, and a Focus Sash, Buneary has the potential to KO one Pokemon and leave another at 1 HP, which is never a bad thing. Fake Out is the obvious first choice for this set, giving Buneary the essential first turn flinch while breaking the opponent's Focus Sash. Ice Punch hits lead Diglett and Gligar harder than Quick Attack can, scoring a nice KO after Fake Out breaks their Focus Sash, but its main purpose is to hit Ghost-types who are immune to Fake Out and Quick Attack. Fire Punch is a viable option to hit Steel-types who take minimal damage from STAB Normal-type attacks, but when dealing with the common leads, Ice Punch is the superior option. Protect can be used when running an Adamant nature so that you can avoid Fake Outs from the likes of Jolly Aipom, Glameow, and Meowth, then follow up with a 2HKO with Quick Attack. Encore is also a notable choice in the last slot because Buneary can use it to force foes into repeatedly using Protect or Stealth Rock, giving a team member a chance to set up.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Choice Band / Choice Scarf Run Away Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Quick Attack / Return
~ Ice Punch
~ ThunderPunch
~ Switcheroo / Fire Punch / Return
228 Atk / 4 Def / 236 Spe

Slapping a Choice item on Buneary magnifies what it does best, either outrun the majority of the metagame or hit hard with great coverage. STAB priority is a blessing in the offensive Little Cup metagame, as it allows you to bypass Speed stats and strike your opponent first more often than not. With a decent 24 Attack stat when holding a Choice Band, Buneary can wreak havoc on any Pokemon who doesn't resist Normal-type attacks. Return can be used as the main form of STAB, but is not recommended, as Ghost-types in Little Cup are very common. Ice Punch and ThunderPunch combine to make the dreaded BoltBeam combo, hitting every Pokemon in Little Cup for at least neutral damage, except for Magnemite and Chinchou, and the latter of the two is hit neutrally by Normal-type attacks. In the last slot, you can choose to use Switcheroo, which will allow Buneary to swap items with your opponent, potentially giving their special setup sweeper a worthless, yet crippling, Choice Band; however, using Switcheroo is not a good option when Buneary has a Choice Scarf, as nearly every Pokemon in Little Cup will benefit from the Speed boost. Fire Punch is a notable option, scoring a super effective hit on Magnemite, the only Pokemon who resists the previous three attacks, whereas Return can also be used here as a solid STAB option when power is needed instead of priority.

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Name Item Ability Nature

Baton Pass

Liechi Berry / Salac Berry Run Away Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Agility
~ Baton Pass
~ Substitute / Endure
~ Quick Attack / Encore
156 HP / 68 Atk / 4 Def / 236 Spe

The goal of this set is to pass Speed boosts to a slower sweeper. The best way to do this is by using Substitute until Liechi Berry activates, while using Agility whenever the foe fails to break your Substitute. The HP EVs put Buneary right at 24 HP, meaning that the Berry will activate after three uses of Substitute. After all this has been accomplished, Baton Pass the boosts to a Pokemon waiting in the wings. Endure can be used instead of Substitute if you want to get to the Berry boost immediately, but isn't recommended, as the chance to pass a Substitute is too good to miss out on. In the last slot, Quick Attack is a good choice so that Buneary isn't completely shut down by a Taunter, while Encore can be used to force a foe to switch or repeat a worthless attack, giving Buneary at least one free turn to set up. If you find yourself not being able to use Agility enough, you can swap the Liechi Berry for a Salac Berry, which means you will always be able to pass at least +1 Speed.

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Name Item Ability Nature


Choice Band / Choice Specs Klutz Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Switcheroo
~ Quick Attack / Return
~ Thunder Wave
~ Encore
236 HP / 4 Def / 236 Spe

This is Buneary's best attempt at supporting its team outside of Baton Pass, but it's still a viable strategy. Thanks to Buneary's unique ability, Klutz, it is not affected by items. That means that it can, for example, hold a Choice Band and still switch moves while not gaining the Attack boost. This makes it relatively easy to Switcheroo a harmful item onto an opponent. This set has the recurring choice between Quick Attack and Return, and the arguments are the same for both sides. The priority that Quick Attack offers is valuable, but Return's Base Power is more than 2.5x that of Quick Attack, which can be very beneficial. Your opponent will likely switch after they have been crippled with a Choice item, which Buneary can use to its advantage by spreading paralysis around their team with Thunder Wave. Using Encore on a worthless move will allow other teammates to come in and set up.

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Other Options

Buneary has a wide movepool, but almost everything it can do is already listed. Buneary has access to Jump Kick, which can be used over Fire Punch in a Choice set; while Fire Punch has better accuracy, Jump Kick deals more damage to Aron and Shieldon while still hitting Magnemite for super effective damage. Buneary also has Focus Punch, so a SubPunch set could work, but with Buneary's average Attack stat it won't do a whole lot. As for support, Buneary has Rain Dance, Toxic, Sunny Day, and Fake Tears, however it is not bulky enough to use any of these really effectively and so these roles are better left to other Pokemon. Most of the time Buneary should be running max Attack and Speed (228 Atk / 236 Spe) in its sets, while putting four EVs in Defense to make it a little more bulky. On an Agilipass set Buneary should be running 156 EVs in HP, making its HP stat 24 which will activate Liechi Berry after three Substitutes.

Checks and Counters

Fighting-type moves are Buneary's downfall. Magby can easily revenge kill Choice variants locked into anything but Quick Attack with Mach Punch, and can even survive a Jolly Choice Band Quick Attack after Stealth Rock and 2HKO back. Machop is fairly bulky and can survive any of Buneary's attacks, even a Jolly Choice Band Return fails to OHKO, provided Machop hasn't taken any previous damage, and it can OHKO back with DynamicPunch. Buneary also hates opposing priority. Sucker Punch coming from a strong Dark-type can cause serious damage, provided the opponent is faster than Buneary. Bulky Pokemon such as Squirtle and Seel can use Aqua Jet to avoid a ThunderPunch and KO Buneary when it is weakened. Last but not least, Ghost-types can cause Buneary some serious problems. Even though a STAB Shadow Ball can't touch Buneary, HP Fighting certainly can, and Buneary doesn't have many options for dealing with opposing Ghosts.