Thick Fat
Fire- and Ice-type damage reduced 1/2.
Heals status effects in rain.
Type Tier
Water / Ice NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 321 384 -
158 176 239 262
176 196 259 284
158 176 239 262
203 226 289 317
158 176 239 262
  • Underused


Dewgong has never been a common sight in the UU metagame. It's severely outclassed by its cousin Walrein, in terms of both overall stats and ability. Dewgong's defensive stats should by no means be dismissed, however, and its unique ability, Hydration, distinguishes it from its Water- and Ice-type brethren. Dewgong's part Ice typing is quite a mixed blessing. STAB Ice-type moves are always welcome on any team, hitting many common Pokemon super effectively. Defensively, however, Dewgong's Ice typing does it no favors. Stealth Rock hinders Dewgong's ability to tank, as taking 25% damage each time it switches in will wear it down very quickly. Even with these drawbacks taken into consideration, Dewgong can still act as a decent tank in UU play, with handy resistances to the omnipresent Ice- and Water-type attacks.

Name Item Ability Nature

Rain Dance

Damp Rock / Leftovers Hydration Timid
Moveset EVs
~ Rain Dance
~ Surf
~ Ice Beam / Toxic
~ Rest
252 HP / 162 SpA / 96 Spe

This set is based around utilizing Dewgong's ability, Hydration. After Rain Dance is set up, Rest becomes a means of recovery that is both instantaneous and reliable. STAB Surf in the rain will hit any Pokemon that does not resist it for significant damage. Ice Beam is Dewgong's secondary STAB move, which, when paired with Surf, provides excellent all-around coverage. Toxic is a useful option to consider, depending on the rest of your team; it can cripple bulky walls such as Milotic and Chansey, forcing them to either switch out or die, which can be an effective way to rack up damage if entry hazards are present.

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Other Options

Dewgong can also use a physically based set with Waterfall and Avalanche instead of Surf and Ice Beam; if you decide to use this set, the EVs and nature should be changed accordingly. Ice Shard and Aqua Jet both get STAB, but still do a pitiful amount of damage, even against Pokemon that are weak to them. Blizzard is a viable option if you are using Dewgong in a hail based team, as the additional Base Power is greatly welcomed. Signal Beam is the only other attacking option available for Dewgong besides Hidden Power, but is redundant because Ice Beam offers pretty much the same type coverage while hitting Dark- and Psychic-types almost as hard thanks to STAB. Dewgong can try phazing with Perish Song, but this is usually better left to more defensive Pokemon like Lapras. An interesting alternative is Encore, which can force switches or create openings for fellow sweepers, allowing them to set up on an opposing Pokemon that is locked into a nonthreatening move. Thick Fat can replace Hydration outside of rain, but in that case you may as well use a better Water-type like Milotic or Blastoise over Dewgong.

Checks and Counters

With its poor offensive stats, Dewgong doesn't pose much of threat to most of the metagame. Bulky Water-type Pokemon such as Milotic and Blastoise have nothing to fear outside of Toxic against non-Rest variants. Clefable is immune to status and boasts great Special Defense, making it an ideal counter; it is able to inflict status on, set up on, or Encore Dewgong. Poliwrath can easily switch in on any move not named Toxic, set up a Substitute, and proceed to pummel Dewgong with STAB Focus Punch. Bulky Pokemon in general that are either immune to Toxic or can remove status afflictions can easily set up on Dewgong. Keeping Stealth Rock consistently up will limit how freely Dewgong can switch in and out, hindering its performance.