Early Bird
Reduces sleep time by 50%.
Run Away
Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle.
Type Tier
Normal / Flying LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 20 23 -
13 15 18 19
9 11 14 15
9 10 13 14
9 10 13 14
12 14 17 18
  • Little Cup


Doduo can perform very well at what it does, being the proud owner of the standard combination of moves granted by both of its types, a useful priority move, and the ability to simply stomp its way through weakened teams with whatever it happens to be running. Sadly for Doduo, its usage is hampered slightly by the presence of Taillow, who can run almost identical movesets but has greater Speed (which in Little Cup can make or break a sweeper), as well as Guts and Facade to compensate for Doduo's slightly higher Attack. Despite the competition, Doduo is undeniably an excellent Pokemon in Little Cup, and is not overshadowed by any means; Doduo's higher Attack and slightly better overall defenses, the ability to use Liechi Berry, Flail, and Roost, as well as freedom from self-inflicted status damage, gives it advantages over Taillow in many situations. Underestimate it at your own peril.

Name Item Ability Nature

Mixed Life Orb

Life Orb Early Bird Naughty / Naive
Moveset EVs
~ Brave Bird / Pluck
~ Return / Double-Edge
~ Quick Attack
~ Hidden Power Fighting / Hidden Power Grass
240 Atk / 240 Spe

Doduo boasts decent Speed and Attack, useful STAB moves, and decent coverage, allowing it to function as a fast, physical sweeper. This variant of Doduo aims to sweep, clearing up weakened teams late-game with its powerful STAB moves, while relying on priority to prevent revenge kills by faster foes. Return is the standard Normal-type STAB move, and is a good one at that: with reasonable power, perfect accuracy, and no recoil effects, you will find Doduo using it more than any of its other moves, not only because it has a great deal of neutral coverage, but also because it is Doduo's most reliable attack. Double-Edge is a more powerful but also more risky alternative to Return; it can make the difference between an OHKO and a 2HKO, but lacks Return's long-term reliability. However, it is illegal alongside Brave Bird, and as Brave Bird does not have as reliable an alternative as Double-Edge has, it is usually the more worthwhile investment. For a secondary STAB option, Brave Bird is Doduo's most powerful choice, and as mentioned previously there are few worthwhile alternatives. Pluck is one, allowing you to steal Oran Berries from walls such as Bronzor and Gligar that come in to make your life difficult. While not as powerful as Brave Bird, it can make your life much easier should you happen to catch them on the switch, not only preventing them from healing, but also healing Doduo in the process.

Quick Attack allows Doduo to escape the priority death trap from Pokemon such as Croagunk and Machop that may try to bait Doduo into using Brave Bird, and also allows for an assured end to weakened foes that may be carrying priority. STAB Quick Attack from Doduo can really hurt, and can allow Doduo to act as a fairly good revenge killer. Doduo shares the pain of many Normal / Flying Pokemon in that the Steel- and Rock-types that inhabit Little Cup really make its life a trial, since they resist both of its STAB moves while being naturally very defensive, and Doduo has barely anything to hit back at them with. However, given the low Special Defense of most of the Rock-types in Little Cup, Hidden Power Fighting, even off Doduo's pathetic Special Attack stat, does a lot of damage to many of them, most importantly Aron, who 4x resists both of Doduo's STAB moves. Aron is OHKOed and other Pokemon, such as Onix and offensive Rhyhorn, are 2HKOed. On the other hand, Hidden Power Grass OHKOes Onix and Rhydon, as well as almost always OHKOing Omanyte and Kabuto, though it does not do as much to Aron. Hidden Power Ice is also an option if you are worried about Gligar, OHKOing offensive variants and almost always doing the same to defensive ones.

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Name Item Ability Nature

3 Attacks + Roost

Life Orb Early Bird Adamant / Jolly
Moveset IVs
~ Brave Bird / Pluck
~ Return / Double-Edge
~ Quick Attack
~ Roost
29 HP
236 Atk / 236 Spe

While Roost may seem like a waste of a moveslot on Doduo given its lack of bulk, running Roost comes with a lot of bonuses to Doduo that more than make up for the lost coverage. It is an extremely useful move in the right circumstances, as Doduo often accumulates a very large amount of residual damage thanks to Stealth Rock, Life Orb, and recoil from Brave Bird or Double-Edge. Furthermore, Roost removes Doduo's unfortunate weaknesses to Rock-, Electric-, and Ice-type moves, and provides it with a non-damaging move to avoid Sucker Punch. For the other three moves, Brave Bird and Double-Edge are very powerful and their recoil effect is negated by Roost, as previously mentioned, although since you can only use one of them as they are illegal together, Pluck and Return are still perfectly viable options.

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Other Options

Doduo can use Choice items fairly well, something Taillow cannot do, but more often than not getting locked into a Normal-type move is asking for disaster. As previously mentioned, Doduo has little in the way of alternative moves. Drill Peck is an option if you dislike Brave Bird’s recoil and Pluck’s low Base Power, but is quite average compared to them. Steel Wing allows Doduo to hit Rock-types, but its low power coupled with low damage output against common Rock-types means Doduo is usually better off using Hidden Power. Doduo also has Endeavor, which can be used alongside Quick Attack and Focus Sash for a gimmick combination. Lastly, Pursuit can be used to revenge kill Choice-locked Ghosts.

All you really need to do for Doduo is max out its Attack and Speed, since both stats max out at 236 EVs, and none of its other stats gain a point with the leftover 36 EVs. If you are using Hidden Power Fighting, Doduo loses a point in Speed, so a Naive nature should be used to make up for it. Likewise, if you are using Hidden Power Grass, Doduo loses a point in Attack, so you may want to use a Naughty nature to retain its original Attack. A 29 HP IV allows Doduo to reach 19 HP, letting Doduo take minimum damage from Life Orb, though it does interfere with Hidden Power slightly. If you are using a Substitute + Flail set, 76 EVs in HP gives Doduo a HP stat of 21, allowing it to create four Substitutes with 1 HP remaining.

Checks and Counters

Far and away the best counters are Steel-types, which resist both of Doduo's STAB moves and usually have naturally high Defense. Bronzor comes to mind as a premier choice, especially considering that it is not bothered by Hidden Power Fighting. Beldum should also be noted as a check, if only for sake of completeness. Magnemite, too, can survive a Hidden Power and OHKO with STAB Thunderbolt. Aron and Shieldon take practically nothing from Doduo's STAB attacks and have their own STAB Rock-type attacks to kill Doduo with, but must be wary of Hidden Power Fighting, as it will OHKO both the majority of the time. Rock-types are next on the list, with naturally great Defense and super effective STAB, though they usually have less than impressive Special Defense stats and must watch out for Hidden Power. Faster Ghosts can come in on Return or Quick Attack and hit Doduo with Thunderbolt, though they need to watch out for Brave Bird or Pluck on the switch. Lastly, Doduo is quite frail and easily revenge killed, and even with Quick Attack taken for granted there are a number of Pokemon faster than it that easily revenge kill it, such as Elekid, Staryu, and Abra. Most Choice Scarf users also outrun it, and priority users such as Houndour and Machop can all come in on a weakened Doduo and revenge kill after it has made a kill, though they must watch out for Quick Attack.