Enemies' contact moves can paralyze them.
Type Tier
Electric LC
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 21 24 -
10 12 16 17
9 10 13 14
11 13 16 17
10 12 15 16
14 16 19 20
  • Little Cup


Elekid is a very fast, strong Pokémon in the Little Cup metagame. It is arguably the best of the Pokémon with 20 Speed due to its superb coverage and access to reliable priority. With a little bit of support, Elekid can easily sweep through teams that don't have a Pokémon with Choice Scarf equipped. However, it is far from indomitable and has trouble with many common threats.

Name Item Nature

Physical Attacker

Life Orb / Choice Band Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ ThunderPunch
~ Cross Chop / Low Kick / Brick Break
~ Ice Punch
~ Quick Attack
252 Atk / 236 Spe

Elekid is one of Little Cup's premier physical sweepers. With access to a very wide variety of moves, Elekid is able to dispatch all but the most defensive of opponents in one or two hits. Munchlax falls to Cross Chop after Stealth Rock damage, Gligar is OHKOed by Ice Punch, and Mantyke cannot deal with ThunderPunch. Quick Attack allows Elekid to outpace Sucker Punch users and get a last-ditch hit in on Choice Scarf Pokémon. If Cross Chop's accuracy is too shaky, then Low Kick will easily dispatch of threats like Aron, Munchlax, and Onix with ease, while dealing less damage to Chinchou, Porygon, and other lighter foes.

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Name Item Nature

Mixed Attacker

Life Orb Hasty / Naive
Moveset EVs
~ Thunderbolt
~ Ice Punch
~ Low Kick / Cross Chop
~ Hidden Power Grass / Psychic
92 Atk / 160 SpA / 240 Spe

Elekid is also perfectly capable of running a mixed set thanks to its wide movepool, high Speed, and good attacking stats on both ends. Thunderbolt's much higher Base Power affords it a stronger hit against most foes. Ice Punch again scores a nice KO on Gligar, and gets nearly-unresisted coverage combined with Thunderbolt. Low Kick can OHKO non-defensive Munchlax with Stealth Rock damage, but unfortunately misses out on the KO on Magnemite, which Cross Chop achieves. Hidden Power Grass allows Elekid another way to hit opposing Chinchou, while Psychic gives Elekid a sure-fire OHKO on Croagunk and Gastly.

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Other Options

Elekid can use Fire Punch to get better damage against Bronzor, who can threaten it with Earthquake. Meditate lets Elekid have reliable access to a boosting move, albeit a weak one. Screech lets Elekid OHKO most Pokémon with its wide coverage, though it does not like taking a hit to pull it off. Focus Sash is an option on any set barring SubKid to allow Elekid to revenge kill Choice Scarf users. Mantyke, Gligar, Gastly, and Mankey are all common users of Choice Scarf who can OHKO Elekid, but cannot beat it if it carries a Focus Sash.

Elekid's EVs are fairly straightforward. Its Speed should always be as high as possible, as it hits the magical 20 Speed number, reached only by itself, Diglett, and Voltorb. When using Life Orb, Elekid uses an HP IV of zero, as that allows it to take one HP of damage per use of Life Orb rather than two. If Hidden Power Grass is used, Elekid should use an HP IV of two to retain the Life Orb damage mitigation while keeping its Hidden Power type.

Checks and Counters

Elekid has difficulty with Bronzor, even when it uses its gimmicky Fire Punch, and is OHKOed by Earthquake. Physically defensive Munchlax is not OHKOed by Cross Chop, and gives variants lacking Substitute difficulty as it OHKOes Elekid back with Return or Earthquake. Pokémon who commonly use priority moves can also outpace and whittle down Elekid or bluff using priority and KO it outright, such as Croagunk and Houndour.

Wynaut can take advantage of Elekid to allow a teammate such as Gligar set up or KO it outright with Counter or Mirror Coat. Dratini can switch in on ThunderPunch and KO a weakened Elekid with ExtremeSpeed. Duskull has sufficient bulk to survive Elekid's attacks and cripple it with Will-O-Wisp. Additionally, virtually any Pokémon wielding Choice Scarf that can take one of Elekid's attacks will be able to defeat it. Chinchou and Gligar are particularly effective in that respect, both able to easily KO Elekid and survive the switch-in. Gligar must beware of Ice Punch of course, and Chinchou of Cross Chop.